1: The Plan

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Opening Theme: One Last Kiss by Hikaru Utada
Ending Theme: All For Love by WayV

Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Hitsugaya’s Heart Arc
Soul of Shirahime
By Eugena

Rated M

Chapter One: The Plan


Formatting Note for Voice Over:
’s Voice Over (to Audience)
[Toshiro to Rangiku]
{Matsumoto to Rangiku}

Rangiku Voice Over:

Previously on Bleach: Across the Dimensions:

[Toshiro: Matsumoto, are you asleep AGAIN?]

{No, no taicho.  Just . . . writing in my diary.  Yes, that’s it.}

Where was I?


Time passing in Soul Society can get so boring, so routine.  But the addition of one human shinigami changed everything.  It’s a long story, so I’ll just tell you some of it:

Shirahime Thorne became a shinigami while she was still human.  Though enemy to some at first, she became the fourth seat of the eleventh division.  Turns out she was the reincarnation of Yachiru’s mother.  Then, thanks to my taicho, she became the third seat of the tenth division – that’s right under me, by the way.  Then after that, well I don’t like to talk about it.  Lots of us don’t want to.

Let’s just say she eventually replaced the traitor Aizen as fifth division taicho.

[Toshiro: Matsumoto, have you finished the report?]

She kept Momo Hinamori as her fukutaicho.

[Toshiro: Matsumoto?]

{Not yet, taicho.}

Shirahime found a boy, Daichi Takeya, whom she adopted as her son, and he is now the fifth division’s third seat.  And Momo?  Well, she’s not sure of her feelings.  My taicho’s not sure of his feelings.

[Toshiro: Get back to work, Matsumoto]

{But, taicho, Shirahime needs my help with something!}

Our enemy, Muramasa, separated our zanpakuto spirits from the swords, but he didn’t expect Shirahime’s zanpakutos.  Can I say zanpakuto with an “s”?  Yes, that’s right, more than one.  Before someone says, “It can’t be that way,” well, she’d always say, “The Rules Do Not Apply.”  That is, the rules and what is normal to us don’t apply to the royal family.  Sure, “princess” might be her name, but she IS a princess.  She’s the reincarnation of the royal family’s Heaven’s Princess.  Her zanpakuto Yukihime is an incarnation of her past life’s power.  So why would she betray herself?  And her other zanpakuto, Kosetsu Ryu, could already take physical form thanks to the powers of her royal blood.  Then there’s her daughter, Raiko -.

Toshiro walked in.  “Shirahime needs something?  Maybe I can help.”

“Aww, how adorable taicho.  Here, look at the camera and tell these people how much you love her.”

“What camera?”

“Never mind, taicho.  Hey, I think Yachiru wants to see you.  That’s so cute.  When are you going to have a child of your own, taicho?”


“You know, you and hime-sama -.  Never mind, go, go!”

Hitsugaya left.

He really is adorable!

So, we defeated Muramasa and then put on a Valentine’s Day party.  I think both shinigami and zanpakuto spirits enjoyed it.  In fact, some wanted to stay – to do a little matching of their own.

In fact, we have a plan.



“You really think this is going to work Rangiku?”  Haineko, the spirit of Rangiku’s zanpakuto asked as she propped her face on her elbows.  She looked intently at the crumpled paper in her master’s hands.

Some of the zanpakuto spirits returned to a physical form for a short while, enjoying a Valentine’s Day celebration and for one day leaving their worries elsewhere.  Many spirits seemed content after the celebration and rejoined the physical zanpakuto.

A few, like Haineko lingered.  They had really got into the Valentine’s spirit, and those that remained wish to play matchmaker.  Haineko agreed to help Tobiume, the spirit of Momo Hinamori’s zanpakuto.  Momo had missed a few opportunities to get closer to Daichi, the third seat of the fifth division who was also the son of its taicho.  Daichi seemed willing to have a relationship, but Momo was conflicted in both her own feelings for her former taicho, Aizen, and her current one, Shirahime Thorne Shihoin.  They had a bit of help from Aoi Raiko, the spirit of Daichi’s zanpakuto.  The blue haired girl could, unlike so many, retain physical form for long periods without needing a break.  In this form, she went by “Raiko” and freely called Thorne Taicho “mama” even though her master usually called her taicho or Shinnouhi, her royal title.

It was for Shinnouhi that Haineko was taking a break from the Momo-Daichi match.  Momo’s childhood friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya, was the current taicho of the tenth division.  Rangiku was his fukutaicho.  Shirahime had once been the third seat.



Toshiro was deeply in love with Shirahime, though he tried to cover it up most of the time.  Haineko gushed in excitement when Hyorinmaru, spirit of Toshiro’s zanpakuto, told her Toshiro had kissed Shirahime, or rather, she kissed him first.

Rangiku had guessed already.  The distraction and embarrassment on his face made that clear.  She saw how he avoided looking directly into Lafiel Urahara’s face.  Lafiel was Shirahime’s sister, and no doubt had witnessed the precious moment.

Ragiku’s protective instincts told her that Toshiro had probably ran from the Urahara shop the day Shirahime recovered after a battle with Aizen*.  No doubt a protective parent had pursued him.

She confirmed her suspicions one day when she overheard Lafiel say, “No making babies in Soul Society,” then burst out laughing.  Rangiku tried to hold in her own laughter.

“My taicho’s growing up!” she exclaimed.

“I heard that, Rangiku,” he called back.

“Oh, he’s already grown up,” Lafiel confirmed.  “He just likes to hide it.”

Rangiku walked in on the two, embarrassment on Toshiro’s face.

“Stop hiding it,” Lafiel suggested, “and maybe you might experience what ‘making babies’ is all about.”

“That’s your sister you’re talking about!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, and after she found Daichi, I decided I liked being an aunt to more than one child.  So, do me a favor and help me do it again.”


“You know what I mean.  I mean I want my sister to have more kids.  Saves me the trouble of doing it myself.  Living vicariously.”

“Your parents will kill me.”

“Just hide for nine months, you’ll be fine,” Lafiel assured.  “Surely, they wouldn’t kill the father of their own grandchild?”

“Father?” he asked.

Even not in physical form, Haineko found it very funny.

“Taicho,” Rangiku prompted, “do you need me to give you that talk again?”

“What talk?”

“You know, where babies come from?  Lafiel, perhaps we should make sure he understands.”

He turned red and wished he could disappear.

“Oh, he definitely does, Rangiku.  I see it on his face.”

Haineko rolled over laughing – Rangiku could picture it in her mind.  She heard Hyorinmaru’s laughter in the distance.

[* Shiro Shattered & Shiro Sunset]



Rangiku wrote the note many times, trying to get the handwriting right.  In the end, Haineko did a better job.  Tobiume did the other note.

“Momo really knows Toshiro’s handwriting,” Rangiku commented, looking down at Tobiume’s note.  “Tobiume, you’re sure she’s got no feelings for Toshiro, right?  This will change everything.”

“Momo’s loved only Aizen, taicho, and Daichi.”

“Taicho?  Which taicho?”

“Come on, Rangiku,” Haineko chided.  “You know, Shirahime.  Momo’s actually jealous of Shiro.  Then there’s Shirahime’s kids.  They get her time, and Momo’s sometimes resentful.”

“Taicho would have something to say about this,” Tobiume said, “considering who considers himself Daichi’s father.”

“Tobiume,” Haineko warned, “no one is allowed to talk about that.  You know that.”

Tobiume nodded.  “Well, let’s get on with it.  Let’s help Lafiel realize her dream of being an aunt for another kid!”

Rangiku raised a brow.  Sure, let them use that excuse.  Now that Lafiel had spilled Toshiro’s secret, she was all too happy to seriously pair him up with Shirahime.



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