1: Call of the Dragon [MA]

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Opening Theme: The Eve (Mandarin Version) by EXO
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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Princess of Memory

Rated MA

Chapter One: Call of the Dragon


Shirahime Thorne Voice Over:

Previously on Bleach: Across the Dimensions:

Once there was a princess, the Shinnouhi.  She was the Imperial Princess, the wife of the next Emperor of Heaven.  The emperor was the ancestor of the Soul King, ruler of the modern shinigami of Soul Society.

Once there was a human woman, Sam.  One who lost all.

Then she became a shinigami.  Then she found her daughter and her lover.  They had returned from death as shinigami.  So, she found a home with them.  She joined the shinigami division known for combat.  The ones who didn’t know her thought she was weak.  She wouldn’t display her true power.

Because she remembered.  She was that princess.  She had been reincarnated again.  She could not bear to have the royal family take her away.

So that’s why I let them think I’m weak.  Because I’m that princess.



The unseated officers of the eleventh division circled around the two in the sparring area. Just about everyone bet on the fifth seat, Yumichika. The seventh seat, however, bet on the division’s fourth seat. Even though he wanted to do otherwise, after some reluctance, the third seat cast the same bet.

Shinjiro Kita, seventh seat of the division, hid a smirk as everyone watched impatiently for the fight to begin. This should be fun. Too bad taicho would be missing this one.

“He’s going to be pissed to miss this,” Ikkaku remarked.

“At least it’s just Yumichika. He’d absolutely kill all of us if it was someone else.”

“Any someone else or everyone but you and me?”

“Hey, I’m not challenging hime-sama. I don’t have a death wish that bad,” Shinjiro said.

“No, you just have a broken pride.”

“Shut up! It’s not like I want her to hear me.”

“Oh, please, like she’d come running to you when she has taicho. After all, they have a child together. No one in their right mind would get between them.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time -.”

“Yeah, but that didn’t end well, did it?”  For that one, anyway.  There’s still the one person taicho doesn’t mind she has a relationship with.

“Pretty damn lucky she didn’t beat the hell out of us. Though there is Hitsugaya -.”

“You’d better watch that pretty mouth of yours,” Ikkaku warned.  “Taicho doesn’t want anyone to talk about that.”

“Yeah, when is taicho going to challenge him and beat his ass?” Shinjiro asked.

“That’d be something to see.”

“Hey!” Yumichika called. “Are we here to watch us or to watch the two of you flirt?”

“What?” Ikkaku shot back.

“You know I only like women, hime-sama,” Shinjiro said. “I’m all yours!”

A look of annoyance passed over Yumichika’s face. Really, didn’t Shinjiro know he was playing with an out-of-control fire?  Then again, Yumichika was rather fond of that same fire.

His opponent, fourth seat Shirahime, smiled one of her “I’m about ready to kill you” smiles. “Well, Yumi, taicho is going out tonight. So, I’ll be so lonely. Beat me, and you can keep me company. But if you don’t, maybe I’ll take Ikkaku or Shinjiro.  Maybe both.”

“No thanks,” Ikkaku said. “I really don’t want to die that bad.”

“But Ikkaku,” Yumichika teased. “You don’t know what you’re missing out on.”

“Oh shut up you all,” the ninth seat complained. “Are you two fighting or not?”

“Well,” Yumichika snapped. “Be rude to me all you want. But be rude to hime-sama -.”

“Ready!” Shirahime called.

Yumichika raised a brow, secretly looking at the barrier she threw up.

Only a select few knew she had been weaving a barrier. It was the only way Zaraki approved of sparring matches with her. Few knew who she really was. Her life and Yachiru’s happiness depended on Sou Taicho not finding out.

Of course, when he did, no doubt he would wish to execute Zaraki and anyone else keeping her secret.

But Zaraki didn’t give a damn. The mother of his child was staying here and never going back to that place.

“Tear in frenzy,” Yumichika released his shikai.

It wasn’t like he could freely use kido. Yes, the division members saw him use it, but always under the guise of healing his superior. A simple excuse of learning his tricks from the fourth division to make her healing more convenient was necessary.

She knew the truth of his abilities and what kind of zanpakuto he really had.

Shirahime did not move, a ruse to let him feel overconfident, but he knew better.

“Actually use words!” He hoped she could read his thoughts. When they really fought, she rarely used words.

It was simply unheard of to summon shikai or bankai without words, but she did it with ease.

As those in the know would quote her, “The rules do not apply.”

The normal rules of the shinigami world never applied to those in the royal family. Her blood simply did not bow to restraint.

So, it was for that reason that she forgot the shikai phrase and used one of the bankai phrases instead. Yes, forgot. After all, technically they were both verbal commands. She just forgot this one was for a bankai and not shikai.

And yes, one of the bankai commands. She had more than one shikai (not unheard of) and more than one bankai (that part never happens).

But the rules did not apply.

“Ryujin no Tsubasa.”

Yumichika felt his blood run cold. It surely hadn’t been her intention to end the fight so quickly and never her intention to actually attack him with this.

An intense white light shot out at him. The light formed into glistening wings. The eyes of a dragon looked out. At last, the snow dragon Kosetsu Ryu formed and held its mouth open for a bite.

Her eyes widened. She just about never used this.

Then she remembered.

So, they were both screwed.

She couldn’t call back Kosetsu without cluing the others in that she had just used a bankai. Then they would not understand why she would use bankai then switch to shikai.

She should have been getting more sleep instead of just “sleep” with Kenpachi.

Yumichika was very aware of how badly he was about to get injured. On top of using one of her bankais, she used the “Ryujin” version, dragon god, rather than simply “Ryu,” dragon.

Concentrating, she willed Kosetsu to slow down. She could feel the question from him, asking if he should return.

So, she projected her thoughts. “Roll over.”

Kosetsu barrel rolled and moved slightly toward the center of the sparring area.

His claws clipped Yumichika, but he survived.

She took in gasping breaths, swaying.

She had to make it look convincing.

But then there was the little problem known as Kail.

And the fact that the sealed form of Kosetsu Ryu was the White Zangetsu.

The ground beneath her turned back. Red spiritual energy swirled about her.

“Stop. Stop.” She willed Kail to hear her.

“I will not forgive him,” Kail vowed from inside her.

Inside her was Kail, true identity of the substitute shinigami’s hollow. Now that was a very long story. As much as she didn’t want him inside her, he sustained her human self. Both her soul and her human body existed in Soul Society.

“We are screwed,” Shinjiro said to Ikkaku.

“Well, that’s enough!” Ikkaku declared. “After all, you can’t top that, Yumichika. That’s why she’s above you.”

What Ikkaku meant is she was a higher rank than Yumichika. She was fourth seat, and he was fifth. What Yumichika decided to think was an entirely different explanation.

“Perhaps another time,” Yumichika agreed. They had to leave, and he had to use kido to bind Shirahime up. In some twisted way, it was a major turn on for him. Not to mention, he had rather enjoyable thoughts of how exactly she was above him. “Princess, let’s go to bed early, shall we?”

That was not the smartest thing to say. Kail knew what kind of “above him” Yumichika wanted. The hollow got seriously pissed when someone tried to have intimate relations with her. She was Kail’s princess after all.

The fact that Zaraki was the father of her child was a minor hindrance.

Then again, Kail forgot to predict the little reaper watching from the roof.

“I think you lost,” Hitsugaya called from the roof. “She’d only spend the night with you if you won. And I don’t think spending the night with the other two wasn’t set in stone. So, I guess that leaves me. That little trick you’ve got there Thorne can’t top my Hyorinmaru.”

She looked at him, and he saw the yellow eyes of Kail.

Yumichika wasn’t stupid. He figured Toshiro Hitsugaya, taicho of the tenth division, caught on to what happened.

Toshiro grew the ice wings of Hyorinmaru and flew down. He grasped her and flew away.



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