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Is it Bleach: Cross or Bleach: Across the Dimensions?

Both. Bleach: Across the Dimensions is the full title. Bleach: Cross is the shortened title and appears on third party websites such as AO3, FFN, and FanPop. It is also the title that appears on the subdirectory of my fanworks website.

Speaking of your fanworks website, why has Bleach: Cross moved to this different website? And what happened to Hyorinmaru?

I had a few different versions of fanfiction websites throughout the years. I opened Hyorinmaru Fanfiction Collective sometime after starting Bleach: Across the Dimensions. I have now decided to move my different websites onto the same domain, as the webhost for this domain is more reliable than some of the others I have used. It is also more convenient to use than some others which may have been reliable.

I moved all my fanworks to a new site, Eugena’s Fanfiction Collective, which replaced Hyorinmaru. Under the current website themes I have used, it is not possible (or at least not easily possible) to have different menus and layouts under the same blog installation. As Bleach: Across the Dimensions has so many parts to it, I decided to move it to its own subdirectory with dedicated layout. I have some behind the scenes notes and other information, and the layout is much better than the combined Fanfiction Collective layout.

This website is an online version of my Bleach: Across the Dimensions’ “book bible.”

There is still a page under my Fanfiction Collective for Bleach: Across the Dimensions that references this new website.

I wanted to work on characterization WAY back in the day and started stories at different parts in the “overall timeline” of Bleach: Cross depending on what I wanted to try out.

As a fanfic, it gave me a break from my original works and allowed me to reach a different audience. It is much easier for a relatively unknown writer to have followers in fanfiction communities rather than for their original works. I liked working on characterization and other aspects of story writing. Fanfiction allowed me to start and stop wherever with whatever focus I wanted rather than some of the degree of planning and many rewrites original works require.

I wrote this on my Fanfiction dot Net profile:

I thought I would try something different with a new fic, Bleach: Cross. I am working on improving my characterization and invented an original character. Sam(antha) Hawthorne, later called Shirahime. Through a strange twist of fate, she travels to Soul Society, and eventually I will reveal just how connected she is to the Bleach characters . . . I’m working on making this a slowly-developing fic, since my other [fan] fics are usually short.

Author’s Note on Fanfiction dot Net Profile, July 26, 2011

The proverbial elephant in the room: Explain the big hiatus?

I’ve had to mention this on several subsites and authorized third party websites. In fact, if any reader here has visited any of those, I bet the reader is about ready to answer this one.

Unwanted attention.

Not only was I tired of it, but I also didn’t want my readers subjected to it. For example, on a now closed old WordPress dot com blog of mine, somebody commented “I know where you live.” What is that supposed to mean? Yeah, he/she was anonymous. So, who knows? There was another comment as well, but no need to give that person more attention.

No, it wasn’t the only example.

Only by getting off the Internet and this included social media, original stories AND fanworks (fanfiction) could I try and have relief.

Is this why comments are disabled?

Yes, part of that reason. I also don’t like how comment services – whether built in or third-party handle comments. I haven’t done comments for SEVERAL years. Maybe the system is better now, but I don’t want to bother with it.

How do I leave a comment or review?

You may send me an email. You may leave comments on the works via its third-party hosted sites, AO3, FFN, or the FanPop community.

Why come back to writing after all this time?

I wanted to. I missed continuing this unfinished tale. And I was tired of simply permitting (see above “elephant”) dictate my writing or lack thereof.

I also wanted to come back for the fans. Several people wanted to know more about this story.

Yes, I expect a lot of the following has dropped significantly due to the time difference, but I still wanted to finish this. I’m not expecting it to be as popular as before.

As a sidenote to fans of the other works such as Time Trip, I will get to them after I rewatch the fandoms shows/movies.

The first story ends after only 16 chapters. Is that it? Should I just “subscribe” for updates (an FFN function)?

This touches on a few points. Originally, I was going to start substories whenever and once the “main story” caught up with it, I was going to add the substory and delete the separate listing.

Although I could keep the separate listing of the substory on my website. I was using FFN at the time for a third-party website, and it did not allow that sort of thing.

This meant that all the statistics, reviews, followers (subscribers) would be removed.

My writing style has changed significantly over the years. I felt it would be too awkward to try and wok all those partial stories (though Shiro Shattered was complete) in.

So, onward to arcs. I had them planned before, but they were for my reference. I’ve now listed them here.

The subtitle of Cross #1 was Another Shinigami. I have kept that but broke it into two parts. The first is White Princess Rebirth and includes the original first 15 chapters. I had written the first portion of chapter 16, so I finished it up to work it into an ending for White Princess Rebirth.

As for subscribing to the FFN posting or the equivalent in AO3, feel free. However, at this time, it ends at 16 chapters. Part two, The Reincarnation, will be a separate listing, so perhaps the “author alert” or similar function will be more useful.

When can I expect The Reincarnation to come out?

I have to rewatch Bleach a bit to reacquaint myself with canon. There are several events I want to occur in The Reincarnation, but I need to watch more of the anime before I put them in order.

What will be updated in the meantime?

Several of the existing stories. I am also planning a few new one in the King’s Seal arc and a rewrite of Desolate. Nokori Kaze will come out as I replay Third Phantom.

I have a new story planned for my Bleach rewatch.

The AO3 and FFN links only go to chapter one of the story?

Yes. Every story’s AO3 and FFN link bar, regardless of chapter, directs to the AO3 or FFN chapter one of that story.

On AO3, what’s the difference between the series listing for Bleach: Across the Dimensions and the Bleach: Cross collection?

The collect is for all Bleach: Cross stories on AO3. It includes the stories of all ratings and previous version stories. I have listed the M Version of Soul of Shirahime under the “official” series listing to keep the series at rated M. Soul of Shirahime is intended to be the MA (Explicit) version, but this is listed separately for the readers’ convenience. Readers may feel comfortable with M rating but not MA rating, so they will be able to read through the series without switching out. If the Explicit version was included in the series or series arc, the ratings for the series and series arc would be raised to Explicit.

Speaking of which, can you explain more about the MA or Explicit Rating?

Sure. Please see my blog post: MA Stories Warning (MA Content Discussion).

Visit the Q & A (Spoilers) page which may contain significant spoilers for readers only at the beginning of the series.