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From a Reader:

Who exactly is Sam’s “true love,” if she even has one? Or is her life’s purpose to eternally fight?

It depends on which incarnation. Shirayukihime no Tenjou (#1) loved Zangetsu, but the younger prince (Kail) loved her. Kail gets another chance in her current life as this time he’s the next Soul King. He goes by Shiroyuki in this life. In another life as Yukihime, she was married to Seigen Suzunami of 3rd Phantom Game, but I don’t think that’s really her true love.

She does get “royally” screwed over having to fight every life. Her loved ones try to help give her a break this life. I’m the author, and I feel sorry for her. Tragic but I’m hopeful she’ll find happiness.

Shirahime has to leave Kenny (Kenpachi) behind due to certain things that happened to her when she was taken to the Royal Realm. She now has Toshiro (who has a big secret) and Mayuri interested in her. After Soul of Shirahime, she has to make a choice.

Other Q & A:

The HitsuHina fans: Where is the Toshiro/Momo ship?

It has not even sailed. That boat was not built in Bleach: Across the Dimensions.

Toshiro pines over Shirahime after her death. He once again becomes Kenpachi Zaraki’s rival when she returns.

Shirahime thinks Momo’s still in love with Aizen, but Shiro says, “No, I think she loves you.” (See Shiro Sunset)

That’s right, Shiro and a few others outright imply Momo loves Shirahime.

And, yes, Daichi, Shirahime’s son.

So, Momo and . . . Shirahime or Daichi?

Please don’t make Momo pick. Enough said.

And how do Shirahime and Daichi feel about this?

It’s complicated. Even Shirahime’s mother, Yoruichi, mentions this.

How do Daichi’s brother and sisters feel about this?

The sisters hope Daichi gets married to Momo, though Raiko feels confused over Momo/Shirahime. Fujimaru tries to stay out of it.

So how about Momo going back to Aizen?

No. And Aizen isn’t interested. As far as “that way” goes, Shirahime tells Gin Ichimaru Momo and Aizen were not having that kind of relationship.

The Aizen/Momo fans: Of course, they were!

No. Possibly Momo WANTED to. MAYBE. Aizen didn’t.

How would Shirahime know anyway?

Aizen is way too interested in Shirahime for her not to know. See Soul of Shirahime, particularly the MA Version.

Pairing up Shirahime’s other children?

No plans right now. Shirahime might hint about Yachiru and Hanataro getting together when they get older, but Kenpachi would have to approve as well.

Speaking of Kenpachi Zaraki, what’s his relationship with Shirahime, and what about his other interests?

Original canon suggests a Zaraki/Unohana interest. So, in Cross, Shirahime does reference a past attraction between them.

Shirahime was engaged to Kenny Jameson, the previous incarnation of Kenpachi Zaraki. They resume their relationship in Soul Society and share a daughter, Yachiru. Things finally look up after Shirahime’s resurrection, but thanks to zero division, Shirahime ends their relationship sometime during or after Fifth Division in the Red.

His next relationship is with Rangiku Matsumoto.

What exactly did zero division do to Shirahime?

Feel free to just read into that. The full answer is rated MA and not going on this Q & A. It is implied in stories and more directly referred to in Soul of Shirahime – the MA version.

I have questions about M vs MA Versions.

Best to check out the MA Stories Warning (MA Content Discussion) blog post.

Returning to Toshiro Hitsugaya, what about Toshiro and Rangiku?

Romantically? No. There’s a few very good reasons why this will not work in Cross. Spoilers not mentioned, though one of the reasons is Kenpachi and Rangiku get together.

Well, of course it’s not Toshiro and Rangiku! It’s Toshiro and Karin (Kurosaki)!

No. Absolutely no. See That “Talk” Again. Besides, Toshiro is an adult.

No way! Toshiro is not an adult.

Well, yes he is. In canon, see “true bankai.” For Cross, he’s without doubt an adult that is hiding that fact. The royalty and servants know otherwise. (King’s Seal arc)

What about Ichigo and Shirahime? Isn’t their relationship complicated?

Complicated? Understatement.

Their past selves were married and had a daughter. Shirahime accepts that, but doesn’t want a relationship with Ichigo because he’s not an adult AND their past incarnations’ relationship should not dictate their current one.

As the series goes on, Ichigo becomes more confused about his present self vs past incarnation. Shirahime and several others take many opportunities to explain to him that Shirahime – this incarnation – is NOT his wife. It’s also one of the few times Daichi refers to Shirahime as his mother.

Does Ichigo ever get that point?

Sorry, jury is out on this one. Maybe by the time of his next incarnation? Meanwhile, he has the reincarnation of his past mother-in-law to lecture him on that point.

Will Ichigo (Kurosaki) be accepted into the royal family?

Not at this time.