S09-1: Shiro Shattered [M] ^

Bleach: Across the Dimensions

Return of the Full Fifth Division Arc
Shiro Shattered
By Eugena

Sometime after Fifth Division in the Red, Aizen and Ichimaru attack the division, leaving Shirahime fatally injured. Shiro saves her but leaves her possibly worse off. Yamamoto exiles Shirahime to the world of the living.

Pairings: Toshiro/Shirahime, Kenpachi/Rangiku, Daichi/Momo, some Mayuri/Shirahime

Chapter List:

  1. Death and Rebirth
  2. The Sealed Yukihime
  3. For the Love of Taicho
  4. Shinnouhi, Imperial Princess (Final Chapter)

Cast List & Notes

Opening Theme: Diamond by Alan
Ending Theme: With You by AAA

Read & Review: [AO3] [FFN]

Originally written on or before 7/12/2009
Additional content written 3/26/2022

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