Crown Prince Shiroyuki / Kail

Crown Prince Shiroyuki is the modern-day crown prince. He will become the next Soul King. During his past life, he was Prince Kail, though Shirayukihime no Tenjou called him Shiroyuki. He was the younger twin of Crown Prince Ichigo.

In his past life, he was in love with Shirayukihime, but his father, the Emperor of Heaven, commanded that Ichigo marry her, since Ichigo was the crown prince.

Crown Prince Kail’s modern reincarnation first appears at the beginning of White Princess Rebirth as Kail, the true identity of Ichigo Kurosaki’s hollow. Crown Prince Kail’s second modern reincarnation exists at the same time as Kail as Crown Prince Shiroyuki.

It is not clear how two reincarnations exist at the same time.

Crown Prince Shiroyuki is engaged to Shirayukihime Shinnouhi (Shirahime Thorne). He has named Yachiru Kusajishi his heir. Yachiru is his niece, as she is the reincarnation of Crown Prince Ichigo’s and Shirayukihime no Tenjou’s daughter.

He and his personal guard appear in Soul Society during the King’s Seal arc.