Soul Society *

Soul Society is the realm of the afterlife. It is connected to the Royal Realm. It is under the jurisdiction of the Soul King.

Only members of the royal family and certain servants can pass between the Royal Realm and Soul Society.

It is safeguarded by military of the thirteen divisions. Their leader is the Sou Taicho, the taicho of the first division.

Leadership Challenges

The shinigami of Soul Society must answer to members of the royal family or their representatives. The wishes of the Soul King overrule the desires of the other member of the royal family.

After Shirahime is revealed to be the Shinnouhi of the royal family, Sou Taicho Yamamoto found himself often challenged by her. She often let Yamamoto lead, but at times pulled rank.

(Highest to Lowest)
Soul King
Crown Prince Shiroyuki
Shirayukihime Shinnouhi
(Current Incarnation: Shirahime Thorne)
Representatives of the Royal Family
Central 46
Sou Taicho (Yamamoto)

Division Notes

(Zero Division is located in the Royal Realm. All currently known representatives of the royal family are part of zero division.)

Eleventh Division

Shirahime’s first division as its fourth seat. Her daughter Yachiru is the fukutaicho. Yachiru’s father, Kenpachi Zaraki is the divison’s taicho

Tenth Division

Shirahime became the third seat of the tenth division after Kenpachi lost a fight to Toshiro Hitsugaya, the tenth division taicho

Fifth Division

Sosuke Aizen was the former taicho of the fifth division. During her time as the third seat of the tenth division, Shirahime fought him and destroyed his nearly completed key to the Royal Realm. She died. Sou Taicho Yamamoto, fearing the rath of the royal family named her as the new taicho of the fifth division. He planned for her to be taicho in name only,but had to make good on his word after Shirahime was resurrected. The fifth division supports the Shinnouhi Royal Guard, a subdivision of zero division, when its members visit Soul Society.