4: Yukihime’s Truth [MA]

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Written 03/31/2022
Opening Theme: Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Ending Theme: Kyouka Suigetsu (Aizen Character Song)


Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Soul of Shirahime
By Eugena

Rated MA Version

Chapter Four: Yukihime’s Truth



Though Mayuri wanted to keep going, Shirahime seemed heavier.  Perhaps it was time to change her bandages.  He had taken some supplies from “Ichimaru’s Torture Room” as he called it.

He set down her two zanpakutos then laid her down gently and undressed her.  Far away from Ichimaru and whomever else was around, it was finally safe to do this.  He washed the evidence of Ichimaru’s assault away, only now thinking of her children and wondering if this might result in another.

Looking to Yukihime, he felt the faint blue glow surround the blade.  It was possible she would wake.  With the power she had both as a shinigami and as a member of the royal family, she could pull through.

He would not accept otherwise.

He remembered the time when Toshiro Hitsugaya tried to save Shirahime by using Yukihime’s “Last Revival.”*  It worked, but wounded her as she was both in shinigami and human form.  Yet Shirahime was only in spirit form as a shinigami right now.  If the blade still contained enough reiatsu and it trusted him – as it had when Toshiro used it – Last Revival could be used.  It might be enough to speed along her recovery.

He felt the spirit of the zanpakuto stirring.

Looking down at her body, it seemed he was just realizing she was a woman, and he was a man who wanted her.  Perhaps when she woke, he would offer to give her a different memory.  Would she take it?  Could that erase Ichimaru? 

Certainly, with help from his research, he could replace Ichimaru’s opportunity to father a child with his own.  He need not even touch her in that way.  He could want that.  It would relieve his guilt to know if she conceived it was no longer Ichimaru’s.

He couldn’t think of it.  He had to push it aside.  Now was not the time.

Why had Yukihime trusted Hitsugaya then?

“Because he loved her,” answered a woman’s voice, one he could only presume was Yukihime’s.  “He wanted to save her.”

“He nearly killed her,” he pointed out.

“Because she was also human at the time.  As a shinigami alone, it would have worked.”

“Can you revive her?”

“It is possible, but she gave her soul to you.  You have extra power now.  You can defeat all enemies and return to Soul Society.”


“Except Aizen.  Without her full memory of the life with him, she will not be strong enough.”

“Was she happy?”

“She must remember that herself.  Aizen could have been like Ichimaru.  Yet even so, he would have been kinder.  He would not have hurt her as much.

“Yes, the mental toll may have been the same.  The physical would not.”

“How can you speak to me?” he finally asked.  “How is this possible?”

“First, Shirahime gave you her power.  Second, I am part of her past life.  You wish to save her.  I want to help you.”

“I need my zanpakuto.”

“She’ll die by the time you retrieve it.  If you become close enough to her, you can retrieve it to wherever you are.”

“That’s not possible.”

“As a member of the royal family, she can do it.  If you are close enough to her, you can retrieve it to yourself.  Why do you think the Soul King wants her to stay in the family?  She always had impressive spiritual power.  Even in this life, as she is learning to harness it again.

“Before you ask, I will admit, Shiroyuki is genuine.  He really does love her and will treat her well.  He is not to blame for what the guards did.  The Soul King hid that truth.”

“So, I am to accept this – I mean she accept this?  Just give up and return to the royal family?”

“It is your choice to accept it or not.  In the end, only she can decide.  But this I will say, your idea you told her father will deter them from taking her.  Trust me, it worked before.  That is how I know.”

“She was married to Aizen?  The man that went by ‘Suki’ to her?”

“She must know this truth herself.  Now, go.  Rest again later.  No doubt Aizen will find out what Ichimaru has done.  Shirahime is correct.  Aizen shall punish him.  Though there is one thing . . . .”

“What is it you ask?”

“Daichi.  Do not tell him.  Most believe he is adopted.  No matter what you think you learn of him, do not say you know his father.  No matter what.  This one courtesy you must promise me.

“I will do better than that.  I will become his father myself.”

“One day, perhaps.  Not today.”

* (See Shiro Shattered)


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