3: Descent into Madness

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Opening Theme: Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Ending Theme: Kyouka Suigetsu (Aizen Character Song)


Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Soul of Shirahime
By Eugena

Rated M Version

Chapter Three: Descent into Madness



[Alternative M Version Scene:]

“I’ll be right back,” Mayuri promised Shirahime quietly.  Taking her zanpakuto Kosetsu Ryu, he walked in a calm rage to Ichimaru.  That coward still was unconscious.  Mayuri wanted him to feel this.  Looking back though, he knew Shirahime was growing cold.  Perhaps Ichimaru would at least end up in hell.  Yes, that would comfort him.

As Ichimaru had done to Shirahime, he impaled him.

He looked around and finally found some medical supplies and water.  He gathered them and returned to Shirahime.

He wanted to do more for her now, but he hesitated.  It was possible someone else would come by to watch Ichimaru torture them.  No, Shirahime’s life was more important.  He had to take them away now.



Blood dripped down Mayuri’s face and into his mouth.  He tasted the salt and iron of it, licking it as a dog would lick its wounds.  His hands gripped the Yukihime and Kosetsu Ryu zanpakutos.  He felt the heaviness on his left shoulder and looked to see Shirahime’s broken body draped over it.

He licked the blood more.  Ichimaru looked better dead, tasted better.  “Shinnouhi,” his droned in a thick voice, “we’re going home.”

Too bad Ichimaru hadn’t felt his death, that he was already unconscious when Mayuri ripped him apart.

“Shirahime,” his voice burned in a mix of grief and desire.  “All will be forgiven.  You’ll forgive me for failing you.”



Some of the lower seats in his division had managed to capture the new fourth seat of the eleventh division.  He looked amused at the young woman in the shinigami robes behind him.  Her snow-white hair covered her face, and blood dripped down the sides of her mouth.

“Zaraki’s new toy,” he said it mostly to himself.

“Damn you,” she said in a language he didn’t know.

“Do you know that aside from the fukutaicho, there hasn’t been a single new woman to join the eleventh division since Zaraki became taicho?  And now, there’s you.”

“Damn psycho.”

“Interesting.”  He looked aside to Nemu.  “Hold her down.”

“Hai, Mayuri-sama,” Nemu said.

“You do everything he asks?” the captive woman said in a deeper voice, almost masculine.  Although her hands were bound tightly behind her back against the chair, she did not struggle.

A faint reiatsu began to surround her.  At first, it was white with a tinge of blue.  It quickly turned black and red.

“Does he have his way with you?” she taunted in a man’s voice.

Nemu reached down to her.  She looked up at her, and her eyes glowed yellow.  The aura exploded and knocked Nemu and Mayuri against the wall.



Mayuri licked the blood off of the arrancar’s zanpakuto.  What an easy kill.  He hadn’t bothered to ask for its name.

“He looked at you wrong,” he said to Shirahime.



“It’s true?” she asked, the near accusation hanging between them.

Mayuri looked at Shirahime but said nothing.

“You’re nothing but a monster,” she said.  “You let them burn for the sake of your experiment!”  She waved her arm in the air as if throwing a knife.  “You sicken me.”

“My division exists for my experiments.”  What was wrong with him that he couldn’t say that to her?

This was not the first time she had brought up the incident where he first met Ishida and Inoue.



Shirahime seemed heavier to him.  He pushed forward, barely conscious of his nakedness and injuries.  He thought of Shirahime.   He remembered so many moments with her, most of them conflict.



The black and red reiatsu blasted Mayuri and Nemu against the wall.  “This will be interesting,” he said as he freed himself from the wall.

The shinigami stood to her feet, the Shiro Zangetsu in her hands.  She laughed manically.  Raising the sword, she sliced it down: “Ryu no Tsubasa!”  A white fire shot from the sword towards him and he barely had time to get out of its way.

“Impressive,” he said again.  “And who are you?”

“I am Shirahime’s protector.”




“I will protect you,” he said, knocking down another arrancar.  He raised Kosetsu Ryu and plunged it into the fallen arrancar.

He would need his own zanpakuto.


Author’s Note: Eleventh Division (Mayuri’s Flashbacks)

The Eleventh Division, led by Kenpachi Zaraki, is a combat specialty unit.  Aside from Yachiru, Shirahime was the only female in the division since Zaraki became taicho.  She had been the fourth seat of the eleventh division then later the third seat of the tenth division.  (Timeline: Before Blush.)

This is by no means a reflection of Bleach canon.


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