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Stories by Arc:

Stories are Rated M and Under, Unless Otherwise Noted.
^ Story Available in Rated M and MA Versions
* Story is Rated MA Only
MA Stories are Not Available on FFN
& Number
S01Another Shinigami(Story Arc)
S01-1White Princess Rebirth
S01-2The Reincarnation^
S02Princess in Eleventh Division(Story Arc)
S02-2Princess of Memory*
S03Dragon and Princess(Story Arc)
S04Memory of Princess(Story Arc)
S04-1Toshiro’s Journey
S05Eternal Princess(Story Arc)
S05-1Immortal Princess^
S06The King’s Seal(Story Arc)
S06-3After DiamondDust
S07Return of the Full Fifth Division(Story Arc)
S07-1Only Memories Remain*
S08The Fifth Division in the Red(Story Arc)
S08-1Fifth Division in the Red I^
S08-3Red Gemini
S08-3Fifth Division in the Red II:
Princess Division
S09Return of Dragon and Princess(Story Arc)
S09-1Shiro Shattered
S09-2Shiro Sunset
S09-3Princess on Vacation
S10The Zanpakuto Uprising(Story Arc)
S10-1Inner Soul
S11Hitsugaya’s Heart
S11-1That “Talk” Again
S11-2Valentine’s Day Off
S11-3The Night Before
S12The Formal Vow(Story Arc)
S12-1Soul of Shirahime^
All stories are rated M and Under Unless Otherwise Noted
^ Available in Rated M and MA Versions
* Rated MA Only