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Another Shinigami

What happens when another human enters Soul Society?

Part 1: White Princess Rebirth

Part 2: The Reincarnation:
[Rated M Version]
[Rated MA Version]

Princess in Eleventh Division

Shirahime becomes fourth seat of the eleventh division.

Princess of Memory [MA Only]
Shirahime Thorne, reincarnated princess and fourth seat of the eleventh division, recognizes a mysterious new shinigami that appears in the world of the living.  Has the Soul King finally commanded her to return to the royal realm?  Includes events from the movie Memories of Nobody.

Dragon and Princess

Toshiro Hitsugaya, taicho of the tenth division, finally succeeds in getting Shirahime to join his division. While he and Matsumoto help hide the princess’ real identity from Sou Taicho and others, he faces a unique enemy who lives inside the princess

Valentine’s fic.

Arc Title TBA

Aizen returns. Shirahime summons her first incarnation (Shirayukihime no Tenjou) and sacrifices herself to stop Aizen from completing his ascension to godhood.

Memory of Princess

Following the princess’ defeat of Aizen, Shirahime’s secret is revealed as representatives of the royal family come for retribution against the shinigami who were supposed to protect her. Yamamoto makes a bold promise. Meanwhile, various shinigami deal with grief in their own ways.

Toshiro’s Journey
After Aizen destroyed someone close to Toshiro, he must face the truth of his feelings.

The resurrected Shirahime (now a god) returns to Soul Society as the Fifth Division Taicho.

Eternal Princess

After the Soul King resurrects Shirahime, she has only the memories of her human life. Will she choose to be a shinigami again?

Immortal Princess – M Version Now Available
Human Samantha Hawthorne became the shinigami Shirahime Thorne. After her death, the Soul King resurrected her. Now she must choose which life to return to.
[Rated M Version]
[Rated MA Version]

King’s Seal

Stories related to the DiamondDust Rebellion.

After DiamondDust
After the events of the DiamondDust movie, fifth division taicho Shirahime Thorne returns from the human world. While getting closer to Kenpachi Zaraki, Toshiro Hitsugaya looks on and examines his feelings.

Return of the Full Fifth Division

Shirahime Thorne returns as Fifth Division Taicho and adopts Daichi Takeya who becomes third seat. Meanwhile, Momo discovers “the books” have gotten behind while taicho was abducted.

Only Memories Remain [MA Only]
When Momo Hinamori finds her taicho ready to depart on an unexpected one-day trip, she learns just a bit more of her mysterious taicho’s past.

Sometime before Fifth Division in the Red, Shirahime and Daichi sustain major injuries.

The Fifth Division in the Red (Story Arc)

When Momo Hinamori discovers how far her division in debt, she discovers an American reality dating show and decides it would be a good fund raiser.  After all, her taicho is an American, so it should be alright?  Meanwhile, Shirahime thanks Mayuri Kurotsuchi for giving her the opportunity to have “the talk” with her children and Momo.  Run Mayuri, run.

Fifth Division in the Red I
[M Version]
[MA Version]
Part one of the contest. Shirahime has a surprise for her family.

Raiko appears.

Red Gemini
Before Momo and the others can go through with their quest to find Shirahime a new spouse, Shirahime must find a way to separate her two youngest children. She takes a risky gamble that introduces a surprise contestant. Not a spoof.

Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division
The spoof returns. For my readers who want to skip ahead to the contest. After the events of Red Gemini, Momo resumes her dating show preparations. As the undecided divisions join in, a second princess joins in the contest. Surely, this means that the fifth division’s money troubles should be solved twice as fast, right? Contains MAJOR SPOILERS for planned events in Red Gemini.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi creates Lafiel.

Return of Dragon and Princess

Toshiro Hitsugaya and Shirahime Thorne reconcile . . . maybe.

Shiro Shattered
Sometime after Fifth Division in the Red, Aizen and Ichimaru attack the division, leaving Shirahime fatally injured. Shiro saves her but leaves her possibly worse off. Yamamoto exiles Shirahime to the world of the living.

Shiro Sunset
Shortly after Shirahime recovers in Shiro Shattered, her sister has a plan for getting Shirahime and a certain taicho closer.

Princess on Vacation
The members of the Shinigami Women’s Association invite the princess out for a day at the beach, giving her a chance to spend quality time with her children. On their way, a little shopping trip for new swimsuits leads to a certain overprotective father to oversee swimsuit choices. Meanwhile, a few members of the SWA have better ideas. Inspired by the beach episode. Leads up to The Zanpakuto Uprising: Inner Soul.

The Zanpakuto Uprising (FKA The Zanpakuto Rebellion)

Part 1: Inner Soul
After “Shiro Sunset,” Momo and Daichi are on their own to lead the fifth division.  While the shinigami of Soul Society face rebellious zanpakuto, Thorne Taicho must finally address the personal issues she’s ignored.

Another Title TBA

Part 2: Title TBA

Hitsugaya’s Heart

Hitsugaya must face himself and his secret.

That “Talk” Again
After the Zanpakuto Rebellion, Shirahime Thorne returns to her parents in the human world to recover. Her father, Kisuke Urahara, reflects on his family. Then realizes his eldest daughter seems strangely moody. No, it couldn’t be. Could it?

Valentine’s Day Off
The Shinigami get a day off and have a chance to attend to matters of the heart.  After the Zanpakuto Rebellion and That “Talk” Again.

The Night Before
The night before “Soul of Shirahime,” Rangiku and crew have a plan that involves a certain Heaven’s Princess and taicho.

The Formal Vow

Mayuri & Shirahime vs Gin Ichimaru and the aftermath.

Soul of Shirahime:
[Rated M Version]
[Rated MA Version]
When Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Shirahime Thorne, fifth division taicho, are captured by Aizen’s forces, Gin Ichimaru tortures them, having something special in mind for Shirahime.  As they break free from Ichimaru, Shirahime leaves her soul in the hands of someone she never expected.

Nokori Kaze [Rating TBA]
Recovering from the events of Soul of Shirahime, Shirahime must face an unspoken truth as another past life is revealed – along with the children she left behind.

Desolate [Final Rating TBA]

Other Stories

Previous versions and other stories.

Desolate (Original Version) [M]

Within Your Heart AU