S11-1: That “Talk” Again [M] ^

Bleach: Across the Dimensions

Hitsugaya’s Heart Arc
That “Talk” Again
By Eugena

After the Zanpakuto Rebellion, Shirahime Thorne returns to her parents in the human world to recover. Her father, Kisuke Urahara, reflects on his family. Then realizes his eldest daughter seems strangely moody. No, it couldn’t be. Could it?

Pairings: Toshiro/Shirahime; Mayuri/Shirahime; Daichi/Momo; Kisuke/Yoruichi

Chapter List:

  1. That’s My Aijou
  2. Congratulations, or I’m Sorry
  3. That’s My Aijou (Final Chapter)

Cast List & Notes

Opening Theme: Find You – Super Mix – by AAA
Ending Theme: Horizon by WayV

Read & Review: [AO3] [FFN]

Written 3/30/2022

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