1: Good Morning, Aijou

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Hitsugaya’s Heart Arc
That “Talk” Again
By Eugena

Rated M

Chapter One: Good Morning, Aijou


Shirahime Thorne Voice Over:

Previously on Bleach: Across the Dimensions:

My name is Shirahime Thorne, well Shirahime Thorne-Shihoin.  I’m the reincarnation of a pretty pissed – pretty wronged – Heaven’s Princess, Shirayukihime no Tenjou.  I try to forget that life, one that led me to become property of the royal family and future wife of Crown Prince Shiroyuki.

I try to enjoy my life in the here and now.

So much has happened since I went from a an American – a human – to a shinigami.  Now I’m the fifth division taicho, replacing that traitor Aizen.  Momo’s still fukutaicho, though I think she still needs to get over Aizen.  Though she’s hiding it, I think she may be in a relationship with Daichi Takeya, my son and the fifth division’s third seat.

Lafiel Urahara Voice Over:

Take a break, sister.  Let me handle the rest.

I’m Lafiel Urahara of the second division.  It’s a long story, but I’m like Nemu Kurotsuchi.  I look just like Shirahime.  Our parents, Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin (another long story), accepted me as their daughter as much as Shirahime.  I love them and my sister.  Sister has come to see our parents to recover after the conflict with Muramasa and the zanpakuto spirits.

My sister has given me a great gift.  My niece, Yachiru, and my nephew, Daichi.  Oh yes, and Raiko, though we keep her a secret.  Now, if only sister would gift me some more kids.  Perhaps I should help that along . . . .



Shirahime nearly fell asleep sitting up straight.

A nostalgic smile crossed Kisuke Urahara’s face, bearing both memory and regret.  There was one, memory, a happy time when he had accepted he had a child.  There was another, regret, when he remembered how that child died – and how much of it was his fault.

“You need rest,” he insisted.

“Rest is not going to help me defeat Aizen, you know that.”

Kisuke opened his mouth to answer.

“Or to -,” she stopped.  She could not say it out loud.  “Deal with the fact I’m property.  I’m not sure how maybe you feel about that, but the American in me is ready to revolt.”

“That is your power, isn’t it?” he asked.

She stared him down.  “I don’t think you really want me to say it.  After all, you want to keep the shop in one piece?”

“I’ve missed you, hime,” he admitted.  “Yoruichi and I don’t get to see you as often.”

“Well, let’s see.  Since I became the fifth division taicho . . . Well, I found another child.  One who might be in a relationship with my fukutaicho – if Momo could let Aizen go.  Said fukutaicho thought it would be a wonderful idea to put me on a shinigami dating show – because, well I’m American, and apparently that’s what we are known for now.  Aizen keeps showing up – I’m beginning to think he wants something other than to kill me.  Then there was – yes, I got stabbed by my own zanpakuto, exiled from Soul Society, my son gifted me another child – his zanpakuto.

“Of course, that was yet another zanpakuto Muramasa didn’t count on – a spirit that decided since I was her master’s mother, I was hers as well.  Muramasa wasn’t happy at all when that came to light.  But that’s nothing compared to the shinigami who want to kill Raiko since she keeps insisting on taking physical form.  I think the only thing reminding them of their place is every time Raiko calls me ‘mama.’

“So, dad, of course I have plenty of time for you and mom.  I’m not busy at all.”

Tears welled in his eyes.  “You called me dad!  I will remember this day forever.”

“If you’re going to get this sentimental, I think I’ll ask Lafiel to trade places with me.  Besides, she loves playing with the kids,” she muttered.

Kisuke perked up.  “You seem a bit moody.  Are you okay?  Do you need something?  What about . . . ?”

He gasped.  “I’m going to kill that little reaper!  At least Byakuya was planning to marry you first!”

“What are you getting at, Kisuke-da?”

“Yoruichi!  Yoruichi!” he called.  “Our little aijou has something to tell us.  Let’s kill Hitsugaya!”

Tessai came in.  “Is everything alright, boss?  Yoruichi’s still out with your grandchildren.”

“You’ve got to check her out!  We’ve got to see how far along she is!”

Kisuke gave her a serious look.  “You need some bed rest.  Let Momo handle the division.  Momo . . . don’t tell me . . . .”

Kisuke-da, what are you getting at?

“You first, Momo later.  I saw him, little aijou.  He was a man!  He was old enough to.”

She slammed a hand to the table.  Ice grew around his hand.  He looked up at her.

Chichiue!  Please calm down.  If you’re trying to tell me I’m pregnant, don’t you think this is too stressful?”

“She’s right boss,” Tessai agreed.  “Don’t want to cause a miscarriage.”

Kisuke stood abruptly and helped her stand.  “Now you really need to get some rest.  Don’t worry I’ll try not to kill Hitsugaya, maybe just try to make sure he doesn’t get you pregnant again.”

Flashing an annoyed expression at Tessai, she sighed and let her father lead her to her room.


Yoruichi enjoyed another day being a favorite grandmother.  Discovering Shirahime had awoken motherly instincts she figured she did not have.  Yachiru bounced on her shoulders eating an ice cream cone.  Daichi laughed as he walked next to Momo, holding Momo’s purchases.  Yoruichi figured the two had gotten closer, and she wondered when she may have to have that “talk” again.  Just to be sure.

Yoruichi wished she had another child.  She had Shirahime and Lafiel, and she wanted others.  She didn’t know how to bring this up to Kisuke.

“Try to make sure he doesn’t get you pregnant again.”

Yoruichi stopped, her eyes wide at Kisuke’s words.  Yachiru stopped licking the ice cream.  Daichi’s eyes grew as big as saucers.  Momo looked ready to faint.

“What, what did he say?” Yoruichi asked.

The goddess of flash took off.  She handed Yachiru to Tessai.

“My little aijou’s going to have another child?” she practically shrieked.

“Yay, mom!” Yachiru cheered.  “Will it be with Kenny, Shiroyuki, or Shiro?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Yoruichi asked Shirahime.

Shirahime stood there, stunned.

Momo swooned as Daichi caught her.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Kisuke exclaimed.  “You’re too young to be a father!”

“What did you say?” Shirahime asked.  She began to sway.  She thought unconsciousness was a better alternative.



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