3: That’s My Aijou (Final Chapter)

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Hitsugaya’s Heart Arc
That “Talk” Again
By Eugena

Chapter Three: That’s My Aijou


The noises outside the room annoyed her.  No, annoyed is not enough.  She wanted so badly to have all these people shut up.  Couldn’t they let her sleep?  She smacked her hand down on the mattress as Kisuke came near.

“Black Coffin!”

Daichi jumped in front of Kisuke.  Black and blue sparks formed in front of him.

Kisuke jumped back

Daichi chided him.  “Kisuke-ji, you know you shouldn’t just approach mom like this.”

“Oh my kami!” Kisuke exclaimed.  “This is how moody she’ll be – pregnant?”

“What a fun light show!” Yuzu exclaimed.  “Can we do it again?”

“You thought that was fun?” Karin gasped.  “What was that?”

Isshin shot Kisuke a look.  “In two words only?”

“Lucky mom didn’t say it four times!” Yachiru exclaimed.


“Mom got away from a bad guy with that!”

“She only said two words!” he said to Urahara.

“That’s my aijou!” exclaimed Kisuke.

“Of all incantations and she does that one?” Isshin asked.

Daichi leaned back.  “Kisuke-ji, have you known Mr. Kurosaki for a long time?  You know, a long time?”

“Is hime-sama a magician?” Yuzu asked.

“Yep,” Daichi insisted.  “Amazing, right?”

“She can do magic in her sleep!”

“That’s my amazing mom!”

“But why that one?” Isshin asked.

“Mr. Kurosaki, do you know my mom?” Daichi asked.

“Kisuke, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up after we check how far along she is.” Yoruichi insisted.

“That’s simple,” Isshin insisted.  “Toshiro Hitsugaya, that was it, right?”

“Yes, that’s my name.”

“Well, Toshiro, when was the last time you spent some quality time with Mr. Urahara’s daughter?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Karin stammered, her eyes wide.  She smacked him across the face.

“Mr. Kurosaki!” Yoruichi exclaimed.  “Please keep your child away from my son-in-law.”

“And you,” Yoruichi began as she stared him down.  “How long after my daughter’s recovery did you wait?  The moment she got back?”


“I saw you hiding with her.”  She looked to Kisuke.  “Kisuke, we didn’t scare them enough!”

“Yoruichi-ba,” Yachiru called to her.  “You’re the best grandmother!  Won’t it be fun to have another one?”

“Yachiru-chan, I don’t think someone explained it to you well enough.  I think your aunt should.”

“Well, I don’t know about the science one, so why don’t I ask Mayuri?”

“I don’t want him to dissect you!” Kisuke replied.

“But if he hurts me, mom won’t ever speak to him again.”

“Are you saying he likes her?” Toshiro asked.

“You’re kidding me!” Kisuke thought.

“Chichiue!” Shirahime snapped.  “Are you having a party?   A sleepover?”  She rubbed her eyes as she sat up.

She looked to each person.  She raised an eyebrow at Isshin who tried to keep a straight face.  She heard Karin huff at her.

“Karin!” Yuzu chided.  “How could you!  Did you forget she’s Ichigo’s friend?  And look at the state she’s in.”

“I don’t care!” Karin snapped.

“Miss Kurosaki, you are being quite rude,” Toshiro said.  He walked closer to Shirahime.  “Shirahime, are you okay?  Are you really pregnant?”

She nearly had a coughing fit.  She watched as Yachiru cheered on.  She could hear Raiko throwing a party.  Daichi tried to school his expression as Raiko continued to celebrate.

“Oh,” she said.  “Oh, is it so obvious?” She patted her abdomen.  She looked to Toshiro.  “Shiro Taicho.”

“What a cute couple’s name!” Yuzu said.

Rangiku pushed Toshiro closer to Shirahime.

Shirahime grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her.  He collapsed against her as he lost his balance, his lips falling on hers.

Karin shrieked.

“Mr. Kurosaki,” Shirahime addressed him.  “Thank you for coming.  Perhaps you should come back later.”  She looked directly at Karin.  “After all, it’s been so long since Toshiro and I spent some time together, just the two of us.”

Toshiro’s face turned red.  He gasped for air.

“No problem, hime-sama,” Isshin agreed.  “Come on girls!”

“How could you!” Karin hissed at Toshiro as she passed.  Yuzu nodded an apology as she left.

“Oh, hime-sama?” Isshin stuck his head back in the room.  “My Ichigo hasn’t seen you in a while.  Mind if I send him over tomorrow?”



Karin was in a bad mood as she left the Urahara shop with her father and sister.

“Mr. Kurosaki,” Momo called.

The three stopped.

“Yes, Miss Hinamori.  I’m sorry, had you hoped it would be positive?”

Red filled her cheeks.  She caught her breath.  “I wanted to thank you.”

“Not a problem, Miss Hinamori.  Sorry Takeya’s grandparents put you on the spot.  But I would be stressed if I was expecting a new grandchild and a new great-grandchild at the same time.”

“They mean well,” Momo admitted.  “Oh, and thank you two,” she said, looking at Karin and Yuzu, “for enduring having to come along.  But there is one thing -.”

“Yeah?” Karin answered.

“Miss Karin, Shiro is my childhood friend.  And he’s going to be my father-in-law.  Not your dad’s son-in-law.  So please let your delusions go.  He’d never abandon hime-sama for you.”

A different shade of red filled Karin’s face.

“Miss Hinamori,” Isshin interrupted, “if I may ask?”  She looked to him.  “What’s hime-sama’s full name?”

Shirayukihime no Tenjou.

Tenjou?  Are you certain?”

“Very much so.  Though today she goes by Shirahime Thorne-Shihoin.”

“Favorite number?”

“If you mean between one and thirteen, five.”

“But if I added zero?”

“Still five.  I think she would beat zero into the dirt.  Five and zero aren’t friends.  Neither is ten, eleven, or – believe it or not – twelve.  Zero’s not popular.  But zero likes to take everything.”

“I’m not a fan of zero.  Please let me know if you need a little help with that.”



So, what is “the talk?”  Yep, you guessed it.  “Where do babies come from?”

Yachiru asks this question during Fifth Division in the Red.  I am not yet to that scene in Fifth Division, but it gets referenced here.

Urahara references Toshiro’s appearance change from Shiro Sunset.

Urahara and Yoruichi know Isshin is a shinigami, and it is hinted here that Shirahime does as well.  Momo caught onto something because of that five vs zero discussion with Isshin.

Black Coffin: As to why she uses this one, it references an upcoming story when Shirahime is resurrected in the human world as well as another story after Desolate.

Ichigo’s sister Karin has a crush on Toshiro.  I felt like that this was the case in some anime episodes.  I don’t think Toshiro was interested.  Likewise, in the Cross universe, he is not interested either.

In Lafiel’s opener, she referenced at the end a certain “plan” to be executed in another story The Night Before (TBA).


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