Themes & Gags


Don’t Blame It On My Reincarnation

Characters have issues due relating one incarnation to another. Later in the series, Ichigo has a hard time accepting Shirahime is NOT his wife just because their previous incarnations were married.

Momo’s Worth

Momo Hinamori is annoying in the series and just about anyone could do better as fukutaicho of the fifth division. Although she still shows her ridiculous blind loyalty to Aizen at first, in Cross, she eventually accepts Shirahime as her new taicho. She proves herself to be much more useful in Cross and a character others can stand to be around.

Reincarnation: End; Death is My Freedom

Shirahime Thorne is Shirayukihime no Tenjou’s last reincarnation. Shirahime can use “final revival” to summon Shirayukihime and harness her powers, but this will kill her. Shirahime is happy she will not be reincarnated again so that she may be free from the royal family.


Crown Prince’s Wife

Many times, Shirahime is referred to as the crown prince’s wife even though they are not yet married. Shiroyuki states this is a mere technicality. Story Arc: King’s Seal

Daichi’s Father

While this remains a mystery, it is a forbidden subject. A certain shinigami claims he is Daichi’s father, but this is not confirmed nor denied.

Royalty Knows Truth

Shirahime knows about Toshiro Hitsugaya’s secret. Her guard, Senna, knows it as well. It is possible that anyone from the royal realm might know that and see other secrets.

Royal & Taicho

Shirahime is addressed and greeted differently depending on whether she is acting as Fifth Division Taicho or as the Shinnouhi. Mayuri Kurotsuchi insists his twelfth division address her as Shinnouhi.

Royal Trumps Rank

Though Shirahime as Fifth Division Taicho is lower than Sou Taicho in rank, she can pull rank by her using her title in the royal family.

That’s My Aijou

After Shirahime is resurrected, Kisuke sometimes interacts with her like she is a young child. This is probably because he missed out on her childhood in her first incarnation. Yoruichi often refers to Shirahime as aijou which means “beloved daughter.”

Unlikely Allies

The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth divisions are allies thanks to their leaders’ common affection for Shirahime. Momo refers to this in the ending of That “Talk” Again.

Unspoken & Unmeasured

Due to the power she has as a member of the royal family, Shirahime does not have to speak a shikai or bankai command and can keep Kosetsu Ryu in a continual shikai release in his dragon form. Shirahime has unique abilities because she is a member of the royal family.

Running Gags

Age is Relative

Shirahime’s Children

Her children are listed as oldest to youngest in incarnation order. This does not reflect the child’s current age. Daichi appears older than Yachiru but is considered younger.

To Kid or Not to Kid

Toshiro Hitsugaya (Shiro) looks young and most think he is. He is actually an adult. Shirahime and her guard, Senna, know this.

Lost in Translation

Some interactions are missed entirely or misinterpreted due to differences in language or culture. Shirahime is an American and most in Soul Society have a Japanese background. The best examples appear in Fifth Division in the Red.

Picking Up Family Members

Yachiru decides Shiro is another one of her fathers.

As the series progresses, Shirahime adds to her list of children.

“I seem to be good at picking up children and adding them as my own. Maybe sometime in this life, I’ll actually go through the regular process.”
(Shirahime to Shiro, Shiro Sunset)

Where Babies Come From & “The Talk”

Fifth Division in the Red, That “Talk” Again.

Yachiru and Raiko don’t quite understand and cheer mom on for having more babies. Aunt Lafiel is no help – on purpose.

When others refer to Shirahime or Momo being pregnant, Momo faints at the suggestion that Shirahime is pregnant, and Shirahime faints at the suggestion Momo is pregnant (by Daichi).

Let’s Kill Hitugaya

Related to the above, Kisuke vows vengence against Shiro for presumed “relations.”