S01-2: The Reincarnation [MA Version] ^

Bleach: Across the Dimensions

Another Shinigami Part 2:
The Reincarnation
By Eugena

When human Samantha Hawthorne enters Soul Society, she finds herself at the mercy of a being who is neither human nor shinigami.
Can she accept the truth of her past and become one of the shinigami?

Pairings: Crown Prince Ichigo/Shirayukihime, Kail/Sam (Shirahime), Ichigo/Rukia, Kisuke/Yoruichi

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Chapter List:

  1. Return
  2. Belief and Grief

Cast List & Notes

Opening Theme: Sheep (Alan Walker Relift) by Lay (Yixing Zhang) (feat. Alan Walker)
Ending Theme: Black White (AB) by Z.Tao

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