2: Belief and Grief [MA]

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 2
The Reincarnation

By Eugena

MA Version

Chapter Two: Belief and Grief



Kisuke woke up alone.  Again.

Ever since those past selves visited, Yoruichi pulled further away from him.  She threw herself into willing to remember her past life and redecorating ideas.  She hid from him and the others when she wanted to cry, her panic building as another day passed without her daughter – their daughter as she would remind him.

Ichigo had been little help.  First, they had to deal with his past self taking over his body.  He reluctantly let Ichigo Kurosaki take back over since his body needed to recover.  Before he left, the crown prince vowed he would return at any moment to save his princess.

According to Crown Prince Ichigo, Kurosaki’s past incarnation, he was married to a princess who gave birth to a daughter.  The prince didn’t know where either was but promised to fix things “this time.”

Yoruichi seemed to forget her daughter was dead.  No doubt the newborn daughter was dead as well.  After all, why else would the crown prince be so desperate to fix things?  His desire was not simply that of one who repented, but one driven by guilt and grief.

They had so little to go on.  The daughter had been reincarnated.  She was not a hollow as Kisuke first suspected, but a human.  This human was in Soul Society, a feat which should have killed her.  Only Ichigo’s hollow self and the spirit of his zanpakuto had sustained her.  They knew because she sent his zanpakuto back to him.  She saved his life, but this may have cost her own life in exchange.

Rukia took charge of the various hollow attacks Ichigo would have handled.  He didn’t like being told to sit out, but finally agreed when Rukia reminded him his most important goal right now was to find the princess.

Kisuke caught how Rukia saddened every time Ichigo called the woman his princess.  Her past self had been the crown prince’s wife, and Kisuke and the others began to suspect Ichigo Kurosaki would start calling her his wife as well.

Then there was Orihime.  Only an idiot or someone who didn’t know Ichigo and his friends would not know Orihime was infatuated with him.  She looked away when Ichigo mentioned the woman.

As much as it hurt both who loved Ichigo, they put their feelings aside to help find the woman.  Her life was in jeopardy, and any day could be her last.

Kisuke reminded himself of that.  Yes, he is supposed to care.  A human woman was in danger.  A human woman might die in Soul Society.  It should not matter who loved her, either romantically or familial.  Let Yoruichi believe she was her daughter.  That’s fine for now.  That was not the danger, at least not right now.

Kisuke opened the door to the spare room.

Yoruichi slept on the couch.  A dropped magazine lay open on the floor.  Kisuke looked over at it, noting it was a shopping magazine featuring decorations and furniture for a little girl’s room.  He looked to a new cotton candy pink bunny stuffed toy sitting on the side table.  It wore a red bow around its neck.  Kisuke sighed as he saw the other plush – a unicorn with a multicolored mane.

No, not this.

He knelt in front of her and placed his hands gently on her shoulders.  His annoyance stilled at the dried tears on her face.

“Yoruichi,” he said.  “Yoruichi, wake up.”

“Aijou, is that you?  I promise to have your room ready soon.”

She turned over away from him.

“Come on, Yoruichi.  It’s morning already.  You slept in here again.”

“What would you like to do for her birthday?” Yoruichi asked in her sleep.


“I promise it will be the best birthday party.  Only the best for my aijou and granddaughter.”

Oh, no.  Of all things to keep thinking on, why did she mention the granddaughter?  Kisuke and Tessai suspected that child was dead.  No doubt that may have torn the crown prince further than the death of the wife he didn’t care for.

No, Yoruichi could not focus on the child.  It was bad enough she thought she would see her daughter again.  She would not listen to him if he told her that her granddaughter was dead.

Maybe she already knew.  Maybe that is why she had cried.  Perhaps deep down she knew already.  It wasn’t unheard of for a grieving parent – or grandparent – to be in denial even in the face of something obvious.

He looked over at the bunny.

Perhaps he should let her believe.  It would help her cope with whatever truth lay waiting for them when they found that woman.  After which Yoruichi would then have to do deal with the child.

Yes, he could let her believe.  Surely, he could wait.  They had been together so long, surely, he could allow this.

After all, if she wasn’t dead already, there was no way that human woman would have much longer in Soul Society.


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