1: Return [MA]

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Chapter one written 6/24/2022


Opening Theme: Sheep (Alan Walker Relift) by Lay (Yixing Zhang) (feat. Alan Walker)
Ending Theme: Black White (AB) by Z.Tao

Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 2
The Reincarnation

A fanfiction series by Eugena

Rated MA Version

Chapter One: Return


Kail/Hollow Ichigo Voice Over:

Previously on Bleach: Across the Dimensions:

Long ago, in our previous lives, Ichigo and I were brothers, twin brothers.  But Ichigo was older.  Just like now, Ichigo got everything.  Our father was the Emperor of Heaven, the ancestor of the modern Royal Family.  And Ichigo?  Yes, the older twin, he was the crown prince.  He was next in line.  As I said, Ichigo got everything.

The day came that our father presented his choice of Ichigo’s bride to him.  She was none other than Shirayukihime no Tenjou, the woman I loved and would give anything and everything for.

But just like now, Ichigo took things for granted.  Ichigo didn’t love her.  He loved only someone else.  He betrayed her.  It was his fault she died.  Did he even know about her secret?  In her final moments, she gave birth to a daughter, yet another person he betrayed.

Many years have passed, and I have found my “one” again.  My prayers to the Element God Hyorinmaru – now tied to a young little reaper – have finally been answered.

Zangetsu, my teacher from that past life, and I saved her human self and entered her body to save her from hollows.  Then she sent Zangetsu back to that ungrateful boy.

If only I had a form as I used to.  If only I could be truly free from Ichigo.  I can exist inside my one or inside of Ichigo.  Someday, I will be free.  Ichigo may be in charge of his body for now, but that won’t last.  He killed her long ago.  I will become king of his body, and no one will take her away from me. 


Substitute shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki rolled over in his sleep, shaking off the voice insisting he should wake up.  He ran a hand through his orange hair as he stretched.  He moved his hand in another stretch, running it against a leg.  He grasped the leg, feeling the muscle and realizing it wasn’t his leg.

He didn’t care.

He couldn’t remember this dream, but he wasn’t leaving it.


He heard a woman call to him.


His fingers wrapped around the leg again.

“Ichigo.  Please.”

He yawned in his sleep.

“Ichigo.  Wake up.”

He turned over, content to stay there.

“Ichigo, there’s not much time left.  Wake up.”

Slowly, the air turned cold.

Ichigo reached for his comforter to pull it higher but grasped nothing.


Beginning to shake from the cold, Ichigo opened his eyes.  He looked into blue eyes that he could stare at forever, white hair crowning a face that felt so familiar.  The hair was not the white shade of age, but glowing.  She was all he saw.  Mist surrounded him.  That did not matter to him.  The woman mattered to him.

“You’ve made the time shorter – now that I used that.  We have even less time.”

Ichigo stretched again, slowly realizing his head lay in the woman’s lap.

He closed his eyes, wanting again to sleep.

“Really?” the woman complained.  “I’m not doing this again.  Wake up, Ichigo!”

“Can I stay here forever?” he asked.  “You’re here.  Don’t leave me again.”

“You have your whole life ahead of you, Ichigo.  Don’t give it up now.”

“I want to stay here.”

“You have any idea where here is?”

“I’m home.  You’re here, so I’m home.”

“What about your family?”

“You are my family.”

“What about your dad?”

“You don’t like him.”

“What?  I’ve never met him.”

Ichigo reached for her abdomen, gently placing his hand there.  “We have our new family right here.”

The woman jerked away from him but couldn’t move far with his head in her lap.

“Ichigo, who am I?”

“My princess, what has made you so upset?”

“Princess?” the woman repeated his words.  “So, it’s you, is it?”  She suppressed her urge to gag.  She looked down to him.  “What about Rukia?”

His face darkened.  He looked away from her.  “I was wrong.  I see that now.  I only need you and our daughter.”

She closed her eyes, what she suspected became clear.

“Do you love me, Ichigo?”

“Of course, I do.  I have always loved you.”

“And Rukia?”

“She was a distraction, nothing more.  She was a distraction I shouldn’t have had.”

She placed her hand against his cheek.  He leaned into it.

She was getting better at feeling things.  It was easier to do it while she touched another, so she used the inner sight to see just how accurate she guessed things to be.

“So, my darling,” she said, “are you going to kiss me?”

He smiled, looking back to her.  At last, she would finally give him her heart again.  He rose slowly, his eyes not leaving hers.  He touched her abdomen again.  He leaned towards her.  He reached for her.

She put her hand against his mouth.

“There’s something I must tell you, my darling.”

He gently pulled her hand away, leaning in again.

“This isn’t real.”

He stopped.

“Of course, it is, my princess.  Let me fix everything.”

As he tried again, she turned her head away from him.  He kissed her on her cheek instead of her lips.

“Your name is Ichigo, but you are not a prince.  Your name is Ichigo Kurosaki, a human.  And you are a child.  I am an adult.  What you feel for me cannot happen.”

He touched her chin, turning her to look at him.

“I don’t need to be a prince.  I am your husband.  You carry our child.  What more do I need?”

“To accept the truth.  Your princess died a long time ago.”

“Stop this!  You are right here.”

She put her hand over his against her abdomen.

“Can you feel it, Ichigo?  I am not carrying a child.  I am not her.”

His hand moved, feeling her.

“It’s just early,” he reasoned.  “You’re not showing yet.”

“You never knew, Ichigo.  She bled to death.  The birth was too hard.  She died of a broken heart.”

His breathing quickened.  “No.  You’re right here.  We’ll get the best doctors in the palace.  You should go to bed.”  He looked into her eyes.  “You need rest.  I’ll be by your side, I promise.”

She looked away.  “Your promises meant nothing.”

“Don’t.  Don’t say that.  Come, let me take you to bed.”

“You won’t like who owns my bed now.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“No matter.  This way, I can save you.  You have your whole life ahead of you.”

He gripped her hand in his.  “I’ll fight him, whoever he is.  I’ll free you from him.”  He placed his other hand against her face.  “I’m not angry.  Don’t think that.  Don’t think I’ll turn you away.  I’ll make him pay.  I’ll make him regret forcing you -.”

“He didn’t force me,” she said quietly.  “I agreed to it.  He promised to let you go.”

He pressed his lips to hers.

She shuddered.  There was no way she would have accepted this, except, without a doubt, she knew then who was in control.

“Crown Prince Ichigo, your life is now done.  If you love her, you will let her go.  You are a child in your current life now.  No child should kiss an adult like that.  At least explain that to your current self.  I’ll forgive his confusion.  Now, my prince, let go of the past.  Let Ichigo Kurosaki live his life.”


Author’s Note – MA Version Only

Implied spoiler confirmed.

Shirahime is wrong in her conclusion of “he didn’t force me.”  This man (identity revealed later) threatens her with Ichigo’s life.  Yes, she “agreed” but not really.  Conclusion, YES, he forced her.

(This is a fictional situation.  I hope this has not happened to any of you.  Audience, please keep in mind that in this kind of situation, do not be like Shirahime take the blame.)



This work is a transformative fanwork, written for entertainment purposes only and not for profit.  Canon characters and backstories are copyright to Tite Kubo and applicable others. Original characters and original backstories are created by Eugena.  The backstories of several canon characters and some canon elements have been significantly modified for the purposes of this fanwork.  These modified characters and modified elements should not be taken as canon from the original Bleach and may not necessarily reflect Bleach’s copyright holder’s original intentions.  Works rated M or MA are not intended to be read by minors.

This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this work are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The author hopes this work will help readers further enjoy the original Bleach.


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