Shirahime Thorne Shihoin / The Final Shirayukihime Shinnouhi

Shirahime Thorne began her current life as Samantha “Sam” Hawthorne. After traveling to Soul Society, she remembers her past life as Shirayukihime no Tenjou and lives as a shinigami, Shirahime Thorne.

She is property (literally) of the royal family. Her title, Shinnouhi, means that she is the Imperial Princess by marriage.

Allegiance: Shiroyuki

Enemies: Soul King, Zero Division (Ichibe Factions), the true heads of the noble families, and anyone loyal to her enemies.


GodShirayukihime no Tenjou
Reincarnated God
Yukihime Suzunami
Reincarnated God
Samantha Hawthorne
Human and Shinigami
(Both, not Hybrid),
Reincarnated God
Shirahime Thorne
(until she first challenges Aizen)
GodShirahime Thorne
(after she summons Shirayukihime no Tenjou)


Shirayukihime ShinnouhiImperial Princess Shirayukihime
“Snow White Princess”
Modern Day Title, Shortened Title in Past Life
Shirayukihime no TenjouSnow White Princess of the HeavensName & Title in Past Life
Shirayukihime no Tenjou is both name and title


“White Princess”Current Incarnation
“Snow Princess”Past Life Incarnation in Third Phantom
(see Nokori Kaze)
Shirayukihime“Snow White Princess”First Incarnation
Shirahime“White Princess”First Incarnation’s Informal Name
Shirayukihime (“Snow White Princess”); Shirahime (“White Princess”); Yukihime (“Snow Princess”)


AijouYoruichi Shihoin and Kisuke Urahara
Hime-samaEleventh Division Members
(Aside from Yachiru and Kenpachi)
Hime-sanByakuya Kuchiki
My OneKail (Ichigo’s Hollow)
My Princess
(All Incarnations)
Crown Prince Ichigo, Kail (Ichigo’s Hollow), Crown Prince Shiroyuki
My PrincessIchigo Kurosaki, Yoruichi Shihoin, and Shinjiro Kita
Hime (Yukihime Suzunami)Sosuke Aizen & Kyoka Suigetsu
(Shirayukihime, Yukihime Suzunami,
and Shirahime Thorne)
Crown Prince Ichigo
ShiraIchigo Kurosaki
() Indicates specific incarnation(s) of Shirayukihime Shinnouhi. Otherwise, the nickname applies to Shirahime Thorne.

Shinigami Rank

Fourth SeatEleventhPre Princess of Memory
Third SeatTenthPre Blush
TaichoFifthPre Toshiro’s Journey
FifthPre After DiamondDust

Unique Possessions

Jewel of WinterNecklace given to her by Kenpachi Zaraki.Blush
Daffodil Charm & BraceletGiven to her by Toshiro Hitsugaya after she joins his division.

The daffodil is the symbol of the tenth division.
Sometime during her tenth division days. Reappears in Fifth Division in the Red.
Lily of the Valley RingGiven to her by Toshiro Hitsugaya when she returns to Soul Society.

The lily of the valley is the symbol of the fifth division.
Unknown. Reappears in Fifth Division in the Red.
Unnamed BraceletGiven to her by Mayuri Kurotsuchi in case of emergencies.Unknown. Sometime before Fifth Division in the Red.
Royal CloakCloak symbolizing the royal family.Sometime before Shiro Shattered


Unlike many others, Shirahime has two zanpakutos. They are not one zanpakuto split into two, but two separate entities. She can use then without any release commands or spoken phrases.

Kosetsu Ryu (Primary) “Snowfall Dragon”

Kosetsu Ryu’s spirit takes the form of a small ice dragon. His favorite child of Shirahime is Yachiru.

Shirahime often leaves Kosetsu in a released state as the small ice dragon. Its shikai release command is “Prepare for Batttle,” sometimes shortened to “Prepare.” It’s bankai command is “Go to War, Kosetsu Ryu.

Its shikai command “Ryujin no Tsubasa” (Wings of the Dragon God), is a white fire blast. It may be related to Yukihime’s shikai Raika. The alternative version is “Ryu no Tsubasa” (Wings of the Dragon). See Soul of Shirahime.

Shirahime commands Kosetsu (dragon) with “Get (target).” She uses this in the DiamondDust story (TBA) during the King’s Seal arc: “Get them, Kosetsu!” Kosetsu pursues and attacks the enemies.

When making Kosetsu Ryu (zanpakuto) reappear, the “Reform” command must follow “Last Revival: Yukihime no Tenjou” and is considered part of Yukihime’s special commands. See Yukihime zanpakuto chart.

Kosetsu Ryu first appears during Another Shinigami as a copy of Zangetsu (zanpakuto) as the Shiro Zangetsu. It is sometimes called either Shiro Zangetsu or White Zangetsu.

Kosetsu also appeared as a boy with snow dragon wings in Fifth Division in the Red’s Chapter 7: A Prize. Here Shirahime calls him her son and Daichi calls him his and Yachiru’s older brother.

Yukihime Suzunami also had Kosetsu Ryu, but her commands for it were different from Shirahime’s. The incarnation of Kosetsu also appeared differently.

Version 1
Prepare for BattleKosetsu
Usually, a release without the dragon form
Version 2
Get [Target]KosetsuKosetsu appears to attack specified target(s)
Go to WarKosetsu
Usually the bankai follow up to “Prepare for Battle”
Ryu no TsubasaUnknown“Wings of the Dragon”
Unknown (see Princess of Memory)
Ryujin no TsubasaUnknown“Wings of the Dragon God”
Attack with Kosetsu’s incarnation (see Princess of Memory)
Zanpakuto Part 2
ReformKosetsu RyuZanpakuto Kosetsu Ryu reappears (see Soul of Shirahime)
Used after Yukihime’s Part 1

Yukihime (Secondary) / Yukihime no Tenjou / The Sword of Execution

Yukihime is the incarnation of Shirayukihime’s powers. It is also known as the Sword of Execution.

When speaking the shikai commands aloud, Shirahime will sometimes only use the initial command phrase. Example; “First Revival,” not “First Revival: Ice Barrier.”

Yukihime is also called Yukihime no Tenjou (“Snow Princess of the Heavens”).

Shikai1First RevivalIce BarrierForms ice barrier
Shikai2Second RevivalRaikaBlue lightning shot
Shikai3Third RevivalUnknownIce meteor
SPECIALTarget: ShirahimeLast RevivalUnknownRecovery (See Shiro Shattered)
SPECIALTarget: ShirahimeFinal RevivalShirayukihime no TenjouSummons her first incarnation
SPECIALUnknownFinal RevivalRevival of the Dead, Shirayukihime no TenjouExact effect unknown, seen in Soul of Shirahime.
Zanpakuto Part 1
Last RevivalYukihime no TenjouZanpakuto Yukihime reappears
(see Soul of Shirahime)

Family & Relationships

Children (Oldest to Youngest)

[Yachiru’s First Incarnation,
Princess Hikari]
[God][Shirayukihime no Tenjou][Crown Prince Ichigo]
Yachiru KusajishiReincarnated GodShirahime ThorneKenpachi Zaraki
Matsuri KudoShinigamiYukihime SuzunamiSeigen Suzunami
Fujimaru KudoShinigamiYukihime SuzunamiSeigen Suzunami
Daichi Thorne TakeyaGod/Shinigami HybridUnknown /
Shirahime Thorne
Unknown /
Yumichika Ayasegawa
Raiko Thorne TakeyaZanpakuto Spirit
God/Shinigami Hybrid
Unknown /
Shirahime Thorne
Unknown /
Shinjiro Kita
Shirahime also considers Kosetsu and Nemu Kurotsuchi as her children.

See also Family Tree Spoilers.

Other Family

Kisuke UraharaReincarnation of Shirayukihime’s father
Yoruichi ShihoinReincarnation of Shirayukihime’s mother
Lafiel Urahara“Twin Sister” – Enhanced artificial soul
Ururu TsumugiyaAdopted sister
Haruhi“Sister” mod soul
Soi FonHonorary Sister
SierraFukutaicho of Shirahime’s Guard who wants to marry Daichi
Momo HinamoriDaichi’s love interest (Shiro Shattered)
BenihimeShirayukihime’s sister
Crown Prince IchigoHusband of Shirayukihime no Tenjou
Ichigo KurosakiReincarnation of Crown Prince Ichigo
Seigen SuzunamiHusband of Yukihime Suzunami

Love Interests

Crown Prince ShiroyukiSince his first incarnation as Prince Kail.Member of the royal family, fiancé. Named Princess Hikari (Yachiru) his heir.
Yumichika AyasegawaSince before Princess of MemoryMost in Soul Society don’t know of their relationship.

Named father of Daichi (Fifth Division in the Red).
Toshiro Hitsugaya (who is actually an adult)

Shirahime and everyone else: When will you drop the act?
His interest: Since sometime during Another Shinigami Part 2: The Reincarnation.

Her interest: Sometime before Shiro Shattered.
Yachiru calls him one of her fathers (Story Arc: Memory of Princess).
Shinjiro KitaHis interest: Since before Princess of Memory

Her interest: She does not love him in that way (Fifth Division in the Red).
Something happened between them during Immortal Princess, but they don’t talk about it.

Named father of Raiko (Fifth Division in the Red).
Byakuya KuchikiSince Fifth Division in the Red.Asked Shirahime to marry him (The Zanpakuto Uprising Part 1: Inner Soul).
Mayuri KurotsuchiHis interest: Sometime before Fifth Division in the Red.

Her interest: Unknown.
Creator of Shirahime’s sister, Lafiel and her mod soul, Haruhi.
Jushiro UkitakeBoth: Sometime before Princess of Memory.Jushiro is the host to a fragment of the Soul King, who is his god. This god’s god is Shirahime. This sparked their relationship.
Kenpachi ZarakiSince his previous incarnation as Sam’s human fiancé.

Their romantic relationship ends sometime before Shiro Shattered.
Shirahime asked him to marry her (After DiamondDust).

Yachiru’s (present incarnation) father. Most assume he is Daichi’s father.

Love Interests – Previous Incarnations

Crown Prince IchigoShirayukihime no TenjouHusband. Father of her child.
Prince KailShirayukihime no TenjouHer husband’s younger brother who was in love with her.
ZangetsuShirayukihime no TenjouHer husband’s teacher. They loved each other since before she got married but knew they could never be together.
Seigen SuzunamiYukihime SuzunamiHusband.
First Mentioned: White Princess Rebirth (Shirayukihime); Soul of Shirahime (Yukihime)

It’s Complicated (It’s Not Mutual)

Ichigo Kurosaki

Shirahime is rational. She accepts that her past incarnation was married to Ichigo Kurosaki’s past incarnation and that they had a daughter (Yachiru’s past incarnation). It’s a fact. Move on. This does NOT mean Shirahime and Ichigo in their current lives need a relationship.

Ichigo is irrational. He gets confused by memories of his past life and needs to be reminded MANY times of the fact they are NOT married in this life.

Sosuke Aizen

Shirahime’s rivalry with her predecessor intensifies as the series progresses. Not in a way she would have expected.

On the Fence

Shunsui Kyoraku

Shirahime does not like Shunsui due to something that they don’t specifically speak of. She did, however, spend the night with him at least once, though Chojiro Sasakibe assumes it was from the pheromone tea incident.

Still Not Mutual (But She Doesn’t Mind It)

Sorry, ladies, but she’s not into you. No hard feelings though. She loves you. Just not like that.


Senna, head of Shirahime’s personal guard, is devoted to her in every way. Shirahime loves Senna but isn’t attracted to her.

Momo Hinamori (didn’t notice it)

Shirahime had no idea that Momo became interested her “in that way” until Shiro tells her in Shiro Sunset. It’s not mutual, but Momo is no Ichigo nor Aizen, so she doesn’t mind. She doesn’t encourage it, but it doesn’t freak her out.

Retsu Unohana

When Shirahime spent the night with Retsu and Kenpachi, none of them were to blame. They had all been drugged with the pheromone tea from the twelfth division. Even without the tea, Retsu is still interested and hints she was interested before the tea incident.

Maybe She’ll Change Her Mind

Princess on Vacation

During Princess on Vacation, Shirahime suggests a contest to who gets to spend the night with her. Among the candidates are Retsu Unohana, Nanao Ise, and Isane Kotetsu. The latter two volunteer to become her consorts though she has not decided to approve them yet.


Shiro to Shirahime, Shiro Sunset:

How have you been?
You mean since Sou Taicho relieved me of duty?  Fine.  Feel my dripping sarcasm.
It’s for your own health.  You can’t take battles like we can.
I’m the reincarnation of a pretty pissed off Heaven Princess, as everyone and everything are so fond of reminding me, and I can’t take battle?
You’re human. You could die.
Been there, done that.  Several times actually.

Shirahime to Shiro, Shiro Sunset:

I seem to be good at picking up children and adding them as my own. Maybe sometime in this life, I’ll actually go through the regular process.

Shirahime’s Introduction, That “Talk” Again:

I’m the reincarnation of a pretty pissed – pretty wronged – Heaven’s Princess, Shirayukihime no Tenjou.

To Kisuke on being property of the royal family, That “Talk” Again:

[Rest is not going to help me] [d]eal with the fact I’m property.  I’m not sure how maybe you feel about that, but the American in me is ready to revolt.
That is your power, isn’t it?
I don’t think you really want me to say it.  After all, you want to keep the shop in one piece?

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