Timeline (SPOILERS)

Pre Series

Samantha Hawthorne, Human
Samantha Hawthorne, an American fiction author of “Kail the Knight” worked as a copy editor. Her company laid her off in favor of farming off jobs to foreign countries. She was engaged to a human male, Kenny Jameson, who died. She believes his death was not an accident. She goes to college to get a teaching degree for her second career.

Ichigo Kurosaki & Rukia Kuchiki
Ichigo is in high school and is a substitute shinigami. He is unofficially in a relationship with thirteenth division shinigami, Rukia Kuchiki, who gave him his (initial) powers. Rukia gave him a copy of Hawthorne’s book “Kail the Knight.” Ichigo felt a connection to Hawthorne and sent her a butterfly watch.

Soul Society – Fifth Division
Taicho: Sosuke Aizen (former)
Fukutaicho: Momo Hinamori

Aizen betrayed Soul Society and tried to kill his fukutaicho, Momo Hinamori. Momo is recovering and is currently unconscious.

Soul Society – Tenth Division
Taicho: Toshiro Hitsugaya
Fukutaicho: Rangiku Matsumoto

Toshiro leads the tenth division. He’s a childhood friend of Momo Hinamori who gets annoyed when she and others treat him like a kid. He looks young, but he is secretly hiding his true form as an adult. He assumes no one knows he is an adult.

Ragiku Matsumoto is loyal to her taicho, her division, and Soul Society. Her former lover, Gin Ichimaru, joined Aizen to betray Soul Society.

Soul Society – Eleventh Division
Kenpachi Zaraki leads the eleventh division along with his fukutaicho, Yachiru. He is Yachiru’s adopted father, and her only family.

Urahara Shop
Exiled shinigami Kisuke Urahara runs this shop that supplies many, including Rukia. His allies include fellow exiled shinigami, Tessai and Yoruichi Shihoin, who is his lover.

Another Shinigami

Another Shinigami Part 1:
White Princess Rebirth

While Sam Hawthorne is on a break during class, she is attacked by hollows. Zangetsu, the spirit of Ichigo’s Zanpakuto, and Kail, Ichigo’s Hollow, rescue her. Toshiro and Rangiku persue the hollows and see Zangetsu take Sam away.

Zangetsu and Kail Zangetsu and Kail make Sam remember her first incarnation as Shirayukihime no Tenjou of the shinigami royal family. They train her to use a white copy of zangetsu (“Kail Zangetsu” or “Shiro Zangetsu”). They help her regain memories as her first incarnation as Shirayukihime no Tenjou of the shinigami royal family (known informally as Shirahime). She was engaged to Crown Prince Ichigo, Ichigo Kurosaki’s previous incarnation. Ichigo’s younger twin brother, Kail, was in love with Shirayukihime, and he is now incarnated as Ichigo’s hollow. Zangetsu was the princes’ teacher. He and Shirayukihime were in love with each other but could never be together. The princes’ father was the Emperor of Heaven. Hyorinmaru was worshiped by some, including Kail, as Element God Hyorinmaru. Kail considered Hyorinmaru to be his supporter in his suit for Shirayukihime. After Shirayukihime’s death, Kail built a shrine for her in Element God Hyorinmaru’s temple.

In the present, Ichigo nearly dies after his hollow and zanpakuto left him. Rukia takes him to Urahara’s shop and seeks Orihime Inoue’s help.

Sam sends Zangetsu back to Ichigo.

Kisuke, Yoruichi, Rukia, Orihime witness ghostly appearances of Shirayukihime and the past incarnation of Yoruichi. Ichigo is mostly unconscious during this time, so how much he sees is up to debate. Yoruichi of the present frantically demands to know where her daughter is. When Kisuke confronts Yoruichi that she does not have a daughter, she blames him for selling her daughter and her later death. She calls out Ichigo as unfaithful.

Kisuke realizes Yoruichi is recalling her past life. Although lovers in this lifetime and Kisuke made certain precautions to ensure Yoruichi of the present did not get pregnant, he realizes that in this past life, they had a daughter together, one that he sold and later died.

Ichigo’s past self gains control of his present life to promise his mother (in-law) Yoruichi he will his wife and their daughter.

Another Shinigami Part 2:
The Reincarnation and Beyond

Sam Hawthorne eventually adopts the name Shirahime Thorne. She becomes a storyteller.

When Kenpachi and Yachiru are on patrol, they meet Shirahime. Yachiru claims Shirahime is her mother. Eventually the three learn Yachiru is the reincarnation of Shirayukihime no Tenjou’s daughter and that Kenpachi is the reincarnation of Kenny Jameson.

Other Events

Fourth Seat of the Eleventh Division

Kenpachi insists Shirahime joins the eleventh division where she becomes the fourth seat. She learns to control her powers from both Kail and the eleventh division.

Princess of Memory [MA Only]

Shirahime and others encounter an alternative version of Senna, taicho of Shirahime’s guard in the royal realm. Toshiro Hitsugaya wants Shirahime to join the tenth division as he is falling in love with her.

Captured by Kurotsuchi

Mayuri Kurotsuchi of the twelfth division captures Shirahime to experiment on her. She is later rescued.

Third Seat of the Tenth Division

Toshiro Hitsugaya fights Kenpachi Zaraki and narrowly wins. Shirahime joins the tenth division as the third seat. Shirahime sleeps more as she is still human. Toshiro and Rangiku vow to ensure the tragedy of her past is not repeated. Toshiro often watches over her as she sleeps. No one else but Rangiku knows (though Yachiru probably does as well).


Rangiku throws a Valentine’s Day party. Kenpachi gives Shirahime a necklace, The Jewel of Winter.

Shirahime vs Aizen

As Aizen nearly completes his transformation to a god, Shirahime revives her past self as Shirayukihime no Tenjou and stops him. As a result of the summoning her past incarnation, her current incarnation as Shirahime Thorne dies. She does not continue to live on as Shirayukihime. Before she died, she gave some of her power to help Momo Hinamori recover.

Fearing the wrath of the royal family, Sou Taicho appoints Shirahime as fifth division taicho.

Toshiro’s Journey

The shinigami mourn Shirahime’s death. Toshiro faces his feelings too late.

Momo’s Return

Momo wakes up briefly. She despises Shirahime for taking Aizen’s place as her taicho and Toshiro for loving her.

Shirahime Resurrected

The Soul King, descendant of the Emperor of Heaven, revives Shirahime as a human. Several, including Ichigo, Kail, Kenpachi, Yachiru, Toshiro, and Rangiku find her.

Immortal Princess

While Shirahime recovers from the traumatic events of her resurrection, she must decide whether to return to Soul Society or to her human life.

Fifth Division Taicho Returns

Shirahime returns to Soul Society and takes on responsibilities as Fifth Division Taicho and gets closer to the reincarnation of her parents, Kisuke and Yoruichi.

King’s Seal Arc, Before and During DiamondDust

Shirahime is involved in events before and during DiamondDust.

After DiamondDust & Abduction

Shirahime helped save the human world during the DiamondDust Rebellion. She decides to marry Kenpachi and hopes the royal family will leave them alone. Zero division abducts her for at least a month.

Momo Wakes

Momo Hinamori fully recovers and takes over the fifth division while Shirahime is missing.

Return & Finding Daichi

Shirahime is rescued. She breaks off her engagement.

Shirahime finds and adopts Daichi. He joins the fifth division. After mastering his zanpakuto Aoi Raiko, he becomes the third seat of the fifth division.

Only Memories Remain & the Truth of Daichi

Thorne brings Momo and Daichi with her for a one-day trip. More of her mysterious past is revealed, including Daichi is her real son and not just adopted.

Fifth Division in the Red & Family Matters

The Fifth Division is in the Red. They are broke. Momo discovers an American reality dating show and has the shinigami compete to date Shirahime as a fundraiser.

After Byakuya Kuchiki repeatedly threatens Shinjiro Kita, Raiko appears, revealing that Shirahime hid Daichi’s twin sister inside of him to protect her from her (biological) father whom she calls “the bad man”. Raiko considers Shinjiro her father, while Daichi considers Yumi his father. Byakuya Kuchiki does not believe she is Shirahime’s daughter. He says she is merely the incarnation of Daichi’s zanpakuto.

Shirahime and others work together to separate Daichi and Raiko in Red Gemini, causing Shirahime to make a desperate gamble.

Thanks to the events of Red Gemini, a second princess joins the contest in Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi creates a mod soul to separate Shirahime’s human and shinigami selves. It fails. Shirahime asks him to create a body like Nemu’s. It becomes Lafiel Urahara, Shirahime’s younger twin sister. Lafiel likes being an aunt and wants Shirahime to have more children. Raiko agrees.

Shiro Shattered / Shiro Sunset

Aizen and Ichimaru attack, fatally injuring Shriahime. Toshiro saves her, but possibly leaves her in a worse condition. Yamamoto exiles her to the human world. As she recovers, her twin sister plans to set her up with a certain person. After all, Lafiel wants more nieces and nephews.

The Zanpakuto Uprising

Mayuri Kurotsuchi decides to save Shirahime from the Royal Family by having her marry another. He bets on Byakuya Kuchiki. But interference from an old enemy and rebellious zanpakuto spirits may ruin his plans.

Hitsugaya and Matters of the Heart

Hitsugaya is once again reluctant to face his secret. Shirahime returns to her parents to recover and Kisuke thinks that maybe his eldest daughter has a secret of her own to tell him. (That “Talk” Again)

The shinigami take a day off to considers matters of the heart when the fifth division throws a Valentine’s Day party. (Valentine’s Day Off)

Later, Rangiku and crew have a plan to get a certain princess and taicho together. Did I mention Lafiel wants more nieces and nephews? (The Night Before)

The Formal Vow

Mayuri Kurotsuchi follows Shirahime, and they are captured by Gin Ichimaru. Gin tortures them, having something special in mind for the princess. Shirahime leaves her soul in the hands of someone she never expected. Meanwhile, Mayuri faces the truth of what relationship he really wants from her as he helps them escape to Soul Society.

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