4: A Humble Prayer

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Toshiro’s Journey
By Eugena

Chapter Four: A Humble Prayer


Toshiro arrived at the graveside not too long after Yachiru began crying.

The girl’s face lit up when she saw him.  “Shiro Taicho!”

It hurt to hear those words spoken by anyone but Shirahime.

“Hi Yachiru,” he knelt down to her.

Kenpachi Zaraki didn’t care for him, for they loved the same woman.  But right now, they were both hurting.  They both missed her.  And he would do nearly anything to comfort his daughter.  Tolerating his rival in love was nothing.

Toshiro saw the necklace.  He knew it was the one Kenpachi gave Shirahime at Valentine’s, the same one she wore the day she died.

“Is that your mom’s necklace?” he asked.

She nodded.  “She’ll come back for it.”

“Of course she will.”

Kenpachi narrowed his eyes.  Why did he have to give her such false hope?

Her face lit up.  Yes, she knew it.  Mom was coming back.  She was just gone for a little while.  Shiro knew it.  And Shiro loved mom, though she pretended she didn’t know.  Since he loved her, she’d come back.  Yachiru knew she would come back for Kenny, come back for Yachiru, but she had another person to come back for.  She had so many to come back for that she couldn’t stay away forever.

“I wanted to stay here,” Yachiru told him.  “Mom would come back for her necklace.  See, I’d wait here.  I won’t let her come back just to get her necklace then go away again.

Rangiku came over.  “Taicho, I said you could fuse the necklace to her zanpakuto.  That way, whenever Shirahime felt like coming back for the necklace, she’d have to see Yachiru first.”

Toshiro wanted to cry.  Sometimes adults made up stories to keep children happy.  Shirahime might return, but she would be reincarnated as someone else.  He wanted her to be reincarnated with him.  Now he knew he should have said “and Yachiru.”  But not just Yachiru.  Kenpachi, Rangiku, so many others.  No, he did not want her reincarnated.  He wanted her returned.  She belonged here.

“Element God Hyorinmaru,” he prayed.  “You did this before, now please do it again.  Bring Shirahime back to me – to all of us.”

“Yachiru,” he said to her, “you know, when she comes back, she might not remember you for a while.  So you’ll have to be very careful and look for her again.  She might look different, but she’ll still be your mom.”

Yachiru nodded, comforted by his words.  Shiro believed.  She wasn’t mad at Kenny for not believing.  He and mom had been ripped apart for a second time.  He just didn’t want his heart to hurt again.  That’s okay.  She’d find mom again.  Then Kenpachi and everyone would be happy again.

“Can I see your zanpakuto and her necklace?” Hitsugaya asked.

She held them out to him.

When he gripped Yachiru’s zanpakuto, he felt some of Shirahime’s power.  She left part of her behind for her daughter.    Toshiro was happy, but at the same time, his heart broke.   Could Shirahime be reincarnated without some of her power?

“Don’t be discouraged,” Hyorinmaru said to him.  “Shinnouhi can always return if there is even one who loves her enough.  And here so many love her.”

“Then why did it take so long for her to be reincarnated now?”

“Did it really take that long?  Maybe she had other lives in between.”

“I don’t care how many lives she’s had, how many people she loved, how many children she had, she’s still Shirahime to me, my snow princess.  The one person I have decided to love in this life.”

Hyorinmaru had no response but seemed pleased with his declaration.

Toshiro took the necklace.  He placed it in the zanpakuto’s indentation.  Then he summoned his power from deep within him, from a place different than he usually did.

He stared intently at his hand.  He summoned his love for her.

“Shirayukihime no Tenjou, come back to us.  We love you.  All of us.”


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