3: The Mourning of Snow

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Toshiro’s Journey
By Eugena

Chapter Three: The Mourning of Snow


Like many others in the Seireitei, Hitsugaya Taicho felt Yachiru’s energy release. He hadn’t heard her cries, but he felt them. How selfish he was to wallow in his own pain when there was another hurting even more. Toshiro had grown up with Momo Hinamori and with a woman he called his grandmother. Although he seldom visited her these days, he still knew she was there. She was proud of him and Momo. Although Toshiro never knew of a woman to call “mother,” this grandmother filled that void in his heart.

Such was the case with Yachiru. She had found a mother in Shirahime, and now she has lost that one. Yet, why did his pain not go away?

He’d find out the answers for himself later. For now, he would quell the storm that was the Daughter of the Snow Princess.

Shirahime. So fitting that she had called him Shiro—albeit by accident. Shirayukihime no Tenjou, her past self, never met him.  He had no opportunity to love her.  And perhaps not even Yachiru existed then. Was Yachiru really her daughter that never was? Yet who was the father—Zangetsu, Kail, or Ichigo?

Toshiro looked his window into the stormy sky. He began to see the tiny snowflakes forming—the evidence of his grief. “Shirahime,” he said. “When you are reincarnated again, please be reincarnated with me.” The snowflakes grew as he tried to hold back tears. “I promise to take care of your daughter. Promise me to return to me. I love you.”

He never thought he’d hear those words come from him. He had tried so hard to keep his tough taicho exterior, but for Shirahime he broke. He had been too late for his confession, but he needed it anyway, even if it was just for himself.


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