1: The Strength of Heart

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Opening Theme: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity
Ending Theme: Ai no Uta by Every Little Thing

Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Toshiro’s Journey

By Eugena

Rated: T

Chapter One: The Strength of Heart


Toshiro Hitsugaya, Element God Hyorinmaru

“What did you expect, Shiro, a happy ending?”
– Momo Hinamori, Fifth Division Fukutaicho


Rangiku Matsumoto Voice Over:

Previously on Bleach: Across the Dimensions:

A new shinigami, Shirahime Thorne, came to Soul Society.  Her only allies at first were the eleventh division, as she was the reincarnation of the fukutaicho’s mother.  She became the eleventh division’s fourth seat.

Toshiro Hitsugaya, my taicho, fought Zaraki Kenpachi Taicho and won, having Shirahime transfer to our division as our third seat.

Shirahime seemed to have great spirit power potential – probably because her first incarnation was the Heaven’s Princess, the Shinnouhi.

When we last fought Aizen, she stopped him from becoming a god – at the cost of her own life.  We know Aizen will try that transformation again, but this time no Heaven’s Princess will be there to help us.

Watching my taicho now, I wonder if he would have rather died as well.  Part of him already did.  Will he ever find peace now that the woman he loves is gone?


It seemed like an eternity since the Element God Hyorinmaru incarnate had seen the Heaven Princess.  His countenance slowly became as cold as his namesake’s.  Winter.  Everyday seemed full of winter since she left.

Once, she had been in his division, the third seat.  She was their mascot and morale, but she did not come alone.

Inside her heart lived Kail Zangetsu, who in a past life had been the twin brother of the Crown Prince of Heaven.  Now he was a hollow who lived inside the reincarnation of his brother.  The brothers reunited in this life as hollow and shinigami, servant and master.  Kail allowed Shirahime’s human body to survive in Soul Society.

She arrived here after two hollows attacked her in the human world.  Ai Zangetsu, now the form of Ichigo’s zanpakuto sent her here in both human and soul form.

Zangetsu was the Heaven Princess’ first love to whom she could never be united.

Every life she lived denied her of the ones she loved.  In the past life, she had been betrothed to Crown Prince Ichigo, but loved by Zangetsu and Kail.  In the human world, she lived as Sam Hawthorne, betrothed to Kenny Jameson.  Both he and her human parents were consumed by Bounts.

Kenny was reborn in Soul Society as a man without a name.  He became Kenpachi Zaraki and took Yachiru as his daughter.

Kenny began to remember his past life when he first saw Sam.  Yachiru soon called her “mom,” and the three of them were inseparable.

Yet, there was no lasting peace for her happiness.  Zaraki would offer her the fourth seat of the eleventh division, and no one would challenge her.  With Kail inside her, her skill with the White Zangetsu zanpakuto knew no equal.  And the division members feared Zaraki’s wrath, and Yachiru’s.

Yachiru had found Sam outside the Seireitei — a storyteller amusing the commoners.  Yachiru grew engrossed in her stories and finally brought Kenny.  When Sam saw him, she began to realize that he and her fiancé were the same.

Kenny named Yachiru after the only person he respected — Dr. Yachiru, a fellow researcher in Bount technology.

It seemed impossible to defeat Zaraki at full spiritual power, but Hyorinmaru appeared and helped Toshiro defeat him.  Hyorinmaru said he was summoned by the strength of Toshiro’s heart.  Only after Shirahime first faced Aizen did Toshiro realized his gradual love for Shirahime fueled the strength of his heart.



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