S11-2: Valentine’s Day Off [M] ^

Bleach: Across the Dimensions

Hitsugaya’s Heart Arc
Valentine’s Day Off
By Eugena

The Shinigami get a day off and have a chance to attend to matters of the heart.  After the Zanpakuto Rebellion and That “Talk” Again.

Pairings: Toshiro/Shirahime, Hyorinmaru/Shirahime, Hyorinmaru/Yukihime, Daichi/Momo, Kisuke/Yoruichi

Chapter List:

  1. Momo’s Feelings
  2. Delayed Confession

Cast List & Notes

Opening Theme: Momoiro no Hana (Hinamori Character Song)
Ending Theme: Every Heart by BoA

Read & Review: [AO3] [FFN]

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