2: Delayed Confession

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Written 3/29/2022
Opening Theme: Momoiro no Hana (Hinamori Character Song)
Ending Theme: Every Heart by BoA


Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Valentine’s Day Off
By Eugena

Chapter Two: Delayed Confession



“Momo,” Tobiume complained, “you totally missed something very important.”

“I did?”

“Sure did, Momo,” Raiko, the incarnation of Aoi Raiko, Daichi’s zanpakuto walked in.  “You missed a very important opportunity to tell Dai-onii-san how you feel.  You may love lots of people, but this is for people you love, you know,” she said making a heart shape as she put her hands together, “love.”

Momo still didn’t follow.

“Taicho likes to ‘talk in quotes’ as she calls it,” Tobiume explained.  “She said there are five different words for love in Greek and they’re all different kinds of love.”

“Valentines is for a special kind of love,” Raiko explained.

“But I love taicho, too.”

Tobiume looked at Raiko.  “You follow, right?”

“Yeah.  Momo, why don’t you go ask Rangiku?  Let me explain.  Yachiru loves mama,” she explained.  Raiko considered herself part of the Thorne family, younger sister of Daichi and Yachiru and also a child of Thorne Taicho.  “So Yachiru has a gift she wants to give to mama.  But Shiro Taicho ‘loves’ mama.  He’d give mama a different kind of gift.  You see Valentines is for that kind of love.”

“Oh,” she said.

“Don’t you love Daichi?  You know, the way Shiro loves mama?”

“Wait,” Tobiume interrupted, “you do know that Shiro is in love with taicho, right?  We’re not spoiling something for you, are we?  We thought you knew.  Remember what happened at Kisuke-ji’s and Yoruichi-ba’s?  It wasn’t just a prank on that terrible Karin.”

Momo stammered.  “Does taicho love him back?”

“Momo, are you jealous?” Tobiume asked.  “Of her or him?”

Her face heated.  “I’m not jealous!”

“Momo, do you love my brother because he’s him?” Raiko asked.  “Or do you really love him because of mama?”

“Oh, Momo, please don’t tell us that’s it,” Tobiume fretted.

“Momo, my brother cares for you,” Raiko said.  “You are the most important person to him besides mama.  He wants to protect mama from the bad zero division.  But he’s afraid they’ll take mama and all of us.  One thing he fears above all is that he’ll never see you again.  You’re his special person.”

“Why do you think Kisuke-ji was seriously mad at Daichi?” Tobiume asked.

“Um,” Momo hesitated.  “Are you going to give me that ‘talk?’  Taicho explained it to me.”

“I may have been in Daichi’s head at the moment,” Raiko explained, “and I may have been more excited about a positive test for mama, but even I understood.  Momo, Kisuke-ji thought you and Daichi were together like mama and Shiro.”

“They’re together like that?” Momo shrieked.

“I don’t know,” Tobiume admitted, “but don’t say that around Daichi.  That is his mother.  I don’t think he wants to know about that.”

“You could tell me about that,” Raiko told her.  “After all, that means mama will have another baby.  Aunt Lafiel would be so happy!  And so would I!  And Yachiru!  Mama’s the best!  I want another sister or brother.  Of course, I wished that test came back with two lines.  I could be an aunt like Aunt Lafiel!”

“That was so embarrassing,” Momo muttered.

“Raiko,” Tobiume interrupted.  “I think this is a bit much for Momo.  Besides, you and I would have both been aware of the chances of that test being positive.”

“But Daichi and Momo could make the test positive.”

“Um, Raiko, I still think you’re a bit young to get all of that,” Tobiume admitted.  “I think taicho would prefer them to be married first.  And to be married to Shiro before she’s expecting another child.”

Raiko hugged Tobiume.  “We can plan two weddings!”

“Raiko, maybe you should spend less time with your Aunt Lafiel,” Tobiume suggested.



The visit to Kisuke-ji’s and the tests references That Talk Again.  Yachiru stayed with Shirahime while she recovered at her parents’ place.  Daichi and Momo visit them and Kisuke-ji and Yoruichi-ba gets some interesting ideas of what might really be going on.  (Mature)


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