1: Momo’s Feelings

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Opening Theme: Momoiro no Hana (Hinamori Character Song)
Ending Theme: Every Heart by BoA

Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Hitsugaya’s Heart Arc
Valentine’s Day Off
By Eugena

Rated M

Chapter One: Momo’s Feelings


Raiko Voice Over:

Previously on Bleach: Across the Dimensions:

My name is Raiko.  I’m the zanpakuto spirit of Aoi Raiko, Daichi Thorne Takeya’s zanpakuto.  With the help of his mother, Thorne Taicho of the fifth division, I could already take physical form.  Though we kept that a secret.

Muramasa came to destroy mama and the others, starting with freeing the zanpakuto spirits.

He didn’t count on mama.

Mama is the reincarnation of Heaven’s Princess and has a lot of spiritual power.  I mean a lot.  What else would you expect from a royal family shinigami?  Her zanpakuto Yukihime played along with help from her other zanpakuto, Kosetsu Ryu.  I did my part, too.  But I’m Daichi’s zanpakuto.  That means he’s my older brother.  And taicho is my mama.  Like us three zanpakuto would have ever betrayed our family!

Mama went to the human world to recover with her parents.  Older sister Yachiru came along.  Daichi, Momo, and I came to visit.  It’s a good thing we already learned where babies came from, because Kisuke-ji had gotten some ideas in his mind.

Isshin Kurosaki came to help us.  He’s a doctor.  He brought along his daughters.  I don’t like that Karin.  Shiro belongs with mama, not her.

Mama’s better now.  And the fifth division is throwing a Valentine’s Day party.

Come on, Shiro, say it.  Say you love mama!

Dai-onii-san, don’t worry, your little sister will help you out, too!



The fifth division bustled with its shinigami making preparations for the Valentine’s holiday.  Its taicho, Shirahime Thorne, Imperial Princess of the Royal Family, could not help but laugh at her division members accidentally wrapping themselves up in the Valentines ribbons.  She nearly keeled over laughing.  “Damn, I need this.  I haven’t laughed so hard in what seems like centuries.  Maybe today I can just forget everything.”

Hyorinmaru, or Maru as she usually called him, walked up beside her.  “Are you alright, hime-sama?”

She laughed harder.

“She’s alright,” Yukihime answered for her.  Shirahime cast a side glance to the incarnation of her first zanpakuto.  They looked identical, except for their clothes.  Shirahime wore black shinigami robes and the fifth division taicho haori.  Yukihime wore a white dress that seemed to gleam moonlight even in the daytime.

“Did you invite Kosetsu?” Shirahime asked.

“He’s not coming.  He’s too embarrassed that he still looks like a dragon.”

“He always looks like a dragon.”

“I even told Muramasa he was my pet.  Kosetsu knows that,” Yukihime admitted.

“Do you want me to talk to him, hime-sama?” Maru asked.

Shirahime sighed.  “You don’t have to.  He’s probably with Yachiru.  She is his favorite of my kids.”

She looked down at her hands for a moment, knowing that she could recall her zanpakuto without having it physically present.  “Perhaps best to leave Kosetsu alone for now,” she thought.  Shirahime took off her haori and handed it Yukihime.  “Be me for a while.”

“Shinnouhi!”  Yukihime protested.

“I could order you, but since you’re really me anyway, wouldn’t that just be awkward?” Shirahime asked before she turned away.

Yukihime took Maru’s hand.  “You’re going to help me pull this off.”

Yukihime hated taking this form.  Since she was, after all, the past life incarnation of Shirahime, there was really little point of her assuming a form.  But the Zanpakuto Rebellion had just ended and during that time she had taken this form to fool Muramasa.

Maru on the other hand could not complain.  It was nice to be near to Yukihime, since she and Shirahime were essentially the same person.  But this Yukihime was not weighted down with Shirahime’s responsibilities.  Maru always thought that Yukihime was not the real incarnation of Shirayukihime Shinnouhi but was instead just the incarnation of Shirayukihime’s power.

Shirahime ducked behind the fifth division barracks.  Thankfully, no one had seen her.  Now, she only had to change.  Sometimes, there were advantages to being royalty.

“Royal Order Fifty-Three: Kouten.”

A blue light briefly surrounded her and when it faded, she looked like a slightly younger Rangiku.

“This should work for a while,” she thought.



Tobiume watched amusedly as Hinamori Fukutaicho tossed several ribbons out of bag, still furiously looking for the one she wanted.  The zanpakuto gently rolled the cylindrical package between her hands.  “Come on, Momo-san, don’t worry about it.”

“But it has to be perfect,” Momo protested.

Daichi Thorne Takeya, the division’s third seat, walked in and looked quizzically at Tobiume.

“Daichi-kun,” Momo said exasperated, “you have to help me.”  She turned to him, still clutching ribbons in her hands.

“What are you trying to do?” he asked.

“I need to find a ribbon for my Valentine’s gift.”  She looked at the package in Tobiume’s hands.

Daichi blushed slightly.  “Who’s it for?”

“Taicho, of course.”  Momo smiled and could not see the sigh of disappointment on his face.

“But it’s Valentines.  You do know what that means, right?”

Of course.

Daichi stole another glance at the package.  “You give presents to people you love.”

“And I love taicho,” she said.

“No, to people you ‘love.’”  He tried it again, remembering to use taicho’s putting-a-word-in-quotes tone of voice.

“Of course I love taicho.”

He sighed audibly and glanced at Tobiume who shrugged.  “Well, I love taicho, too.”

“Well, of course, you do,” she replied in a near whine.  “She’s your – your –.” She could quite say it.

“My mother,” he finished.  Even Daichi thought it would be too disrespectful to call her that, that he should either call her Taicho or Shinnouhi.  Could Hinamori be jealous of him because taicho was his mother?  Was that what all this was about?

“You could always save your present for Mother’s Day,” he suggested.

A disappointed look crossed her face.  Had he said something wrong?

“Daichi-san,” Tobiume interrupted, “I think Maru-san might need your help.”

“Okay,” he said then looked briefly to Momo, “see you both at the party.”



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