S01-1: White Princess Rebirth [M] ^

Bleach: Across the Dimensions

Another Shinigami Part 1:
White Princess Rebirth
By Eugena

What happens when another human enters Soul Society?

Author’s Note 2022:

Previously this was just Another Shinigami.

Since the original chapters were written long ago, this has been broken into two parts: White Princess Rebirth (this one) and The Reincarnation (TBA).

Pairings: Ichigo/Rukia, Sam (Shirahime)/Kail, Sam (Shirahime)/Zangetsu, Shirahime/Crown Prince Ichigo, Kisuke Urahara/Yoruichi Shihoin

Chapter List:

  1. Hollow Showdown
  2. His Name is Zangetsu
  3. Not Bad, for a Human
  4. Splitting Self
  5. The Hollow and Kail
  6. My Love, Zangetsu
  7. Enter Toshiro, Rangiku
  8. Knowledge of Fate
  9. Remembering An Old Prayer
  10. Ash Cat, Ice Dragon, and Hollow
  11. On His Deathbed
  12. Enter Inoue, A Revelation of Past Light
  13. Zangetsu’s Truth
  14. Answering An Old Prayer
  15. White Princess Rebirth
  16. The Path Woven (Final Chapter)

Cast List & Notes

Opening ThemesEnding Themes
Hanabi by Ikimono GakariLife by Yui
No More Words by Ayumi HamasakiCome by Namie Amuro

Read & Review: [AO3] [FFN]

Chapter(s)Originally Written On or Before
03/25/2022 (Revised Version)

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