14: Answering An Old Prayer

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Fourteen: Answering An Old Prayer


The King of Soul Society lived in a place far removed from both the Earth and Soul Society.  Once every lifetime he and his heirs would return to life among the commoners to correct a wrong committed long ago.
Every lifetime, the King and his brood vowed their loyalty to the martyred Princess of the Heavens, whom their greed itself once destroyed.

~ Element God Hyorinmaru



Ichigo screamed.  Tessai’s attempts to stabilize him had failed.

Both Kisuke and Yoruichi felt slightly relieved as they sensed Rukia’s spiritual energy come closer to them.

Rukia allowed Orihime to enter ahead of her, knowing full well that they both shared strong feelings for the unconscious Ichigo.  Tessai did not need to tell Orihime anything.  She only needed to use her power.  She fought back tears as she walked closer to him.  She knelt beside him.  Holding out her hands, she called out to her spirits.


An icy blue barrier surrounded him, then disappeared.  Ichigo sweated even more and groaned.

“It didn’t work,” she said to herself.  She tried again.  “SŌTEN KISSHUN, I REJECT!  I REJECT!”

The blue light did not appear this time, but still Ichigo did not change.

Everyone except Orihime and Ichigo seemed pinned in place by the surge of spiritual energy that fought back Orihime’s power.

“Tessai,” said Kisuke, “can you pinpoint that energy?”

“No,” he said.  “I can barely fight against it.”

“That’s what caused all this,” Yoruichi said.  The energy belongs to the person we need to fight.”

“Perhaps,” Kisuke said.  He unsheathed Benihime.  He had not performed his bankai in quite a while, but now would be a good time to call upon that power.  Benihime glowed red for a brief moment then its light faded.

Yoruichi saw what had happened.  Again, her accusing memory returned to her.  “He took her from me.”  For a moment, the energy’s hold on her lessened.  She took advantage and summoned up shunpo.  Her clothes tore and she began to sense the power swell about her.

The energy shoved her back and pinned her against the wall.  She looked into her own eyes and saw a ghost of herself.  The woman’s glare sent waves of negative energy rolling against her.  This energy was different from the one of the blue light.

“Yoruichi!”  Kisuke had called.  His eyes widened.  He saw a ghost-like Yoruichi clamp her hand around Yoruchi’s throat.

The ghost-like form of another woman appeared in front of Ichigo.  She was thin and tall.  Others would call her beautiful, but now, the amount of power radiating from her caused all to tremble in fear.  She raised an electric blue zanpakuto towards the heavens.  The zanpakuto’s hue reflected off her sapphire blue eyes.




Kail held Sam in his arms, flesh returning to bone where his body touched hers.  “My love.  Princess.  Wake up.”  Each word was a plea on deaf ears.

More of Sam’s humanity seemed to fade as she lay in his arms.  Yet all that would remain would be a ghost of a royal princess.

Kail had heard her words.  Kouten.  Many words in one.  Revolution of the Heavens.  Change demanded by royal mandate.  Why did she send Zangetsu back to unworthy Ichigo?  Kail’s reiatsu sustained Sam’s physical life, and the remains of Ichigo’s reiatsu sustained her spirit.  Upon entering Soul Society, Kail had transformed the butterfly watch into a bracelet with a butterfly charm.  It seemed like a teenager’s gift, not befitting the nearly thirty-year-old woman, but here in Soul Society she began to transform.  The level of physical maturity in Soul Society is related to the soul’s maturity. 

Shirayukihime no Tenjou, Snow White Princess of the Heavens, had lived several hundred years before she died after giving birth to her one-and-only child, at least that was what most were told.  Kail knew otherwise, that she had lived past the birth, but that she had become so weakened that she was easy prey in the battle that took her life.  To a human’s perspective, Shirayukihime looked only twenty-three when she died.  Now Sam Hawthorne, Shirayukihime’s reincarnation, transformed to her past self.  Her dark black hair slowly turned snow white, and she looked younger and grew taller.

It was more painful for Kail to watch this.  So long as she remained as Sam, he believed the past’s vicious cycle would not repeat.  But if she returned to being Shirayukihime, the past would again return.

With a groan, she opened her eyes, eyes that were now blue.  He would bow to her, except that he held her up.   “Princess,” he said.

“Kail?” she called to him, reaching her hand out to him and taking his hand.

“Princess.”  He had nothing more to say and feared calling her by name.

“I saw her,” Sam said.  “I saw the woman you love.”

“You’re right here with me,” he said.  “I can’t love anyone else.”


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