10: Ash Cat, Ice Dragon, and Hollow

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Ten: Ash Cat, Ice Dragon, and Hollow



Why are they coming here?  Hitsugaya wondered.  Somehow, in the human world, a far greater mystery began to show itself.  This Sam Hawthorne, who lived so far away from the current spiritually dense area, Karakura Town, drew the presence of several hollows.

But was it the presence of Zangetsu or False-Zangetsu that drew them?

He unsheathed Hyorinmaru.

“Will you always seek the truth, Toshiro?  No matter what the cost?” Hyorinmaru asked.

He had no verbal answer for the dragon that slept within his zanpakuto.  Instead, he focused on Matsumoto below him.  He had hidden his spiritual pressure from all even before the hollows came.  If they sensed anything, they only felt Matsumoto.  Hitsugaya would have the advantage.

Four hollows rushed in.  Two of them sniffed the air, searching for a scent no longer there.

At once, the hollows surrounded Matsumoto.

“Growl Haineko!” she cried, transforming her zanpakuto into ash.  By her will, the ash blade struck her enemies.  One of the hollow’s arms fell from its body.  The largest of the four hollows flung itself towards her chest.

“Matsumoto!” Hitsugaya cried.  Swinging Hyorinmaru, he rained down icy blasts upon the hollows.  He raised his sword again, and as he brought it down, he jumped on the hollow at Matsumoto’s chest.  His blade nicked the back of the hollow’s neck, but it did not fall.  Matsumoto moved out of the way of the hollow’s grasp, but she fell into another hollow.  She cut that hollow’s chest.

Hitsugaya’s hollow howled, but Hitsugaya did not falter.  Cleaving his enemy’s head from its body, Hitsugaya poised to kill the remaining hollows.

“Why are you here?” Hitsugaya demanded.

“We want The Thorn,” one hollow answered.

Hitsugaya thought to himself that “Hawthorne” sounded like “The Thorn.”  Surely that is what the hollow meant.

Hitsugaya and Matsumoto stood back-to-back, each ready to kill.

“This poor woman,” Matsumoto thought.  “On my honor as a shinigami, I won’t let these hollows get to her.”

“Now, what do you want with her?” Hitsugaya demanded

“To feed,” said the other hollow.  “We will get her power.”

The hollows converged upon the two shinigami.  Although he’d rather have questioned one of them further, Hitsugaya knew he had no choice:

“Sit upon the frozen heavens—”

“Gah!” Matsumoto cried, clutching her breast.  Another hollow had snuck up upon them, striking Matsumoto.


The ice blast from Hitsugaya’s zanpakuto struck the hollows.  They all fell, except the one that struck Matsumoto.

“Get off of her!” he shouted, impaling the hollow.

Matsumoto cried again.  Even without the hollows there, she was in great danger.  She had already lost too much blood.  “How did she lose it this fast?” he wondered.

“Taicho . . . .” her voice weakened by the second.

“Behind you!” Hyorinmaru warned.

He turned to strike the hollow that struck Matsumoto just before it hit him.  In one swift motion, he removed its head.

“Next time, Hyorinmaru,” the hollow said as it fell.

He returned to Matsumoto’s side.  “Hold on, Matsumoto!”  He grabbed Sam’s belongings then picked up Matsumoto.


Bleach: Cross: Another Shinigami
Part 1: White Princess Rebirth
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