07: Enter Toshiro, Rangiku

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Seven: Enter Toshiro, Rangiku



The humans in the world of the living could not see the two shinigami, just as they could not see the hollows that had attacked before.  Toshiro and Rangiku would alter their memories just in case, but no sense rushing to do so.  They first needed answers.

“Just who was that human?” Toshiro asked.  “Why her?”  They looked around.  Besides looking a little on edge, the other humans seemed unfazed.  The unknown threat to them had been defeated.

“By that same human,” Toshiro thought.

The professor walked in, right past Toshiro and Rangiku.  For a moment, Toshiro felt sick.

“Odd,” he thought.  “Matsumoto?”

“Yes, taicho,” she said.  “Something isn’t right.”

“Well, class, I see the famous Hawthorne has decided not to join us.”  She scoffed, nearly covering a laugh.

“Hawthorne?” asked Rangiku.  “She must mean the woman.”

“Yes, but why call her famous?”

The professor shot a quick glance over at Sam’s books, notebook, and bag.  A sinister smile crept into her face.  “Now, let’s continue with inclusion and IEP programs . . . .”

Toshiro and Rangiku watched as the professor engrossed herself in the subject.  One woman, the one who Sam told to call her “Sam” earlier looked a bit unhappy, stealing glances at Sam’s abandoned things.

“Taicho,” asked Rangiku, “do you see that woman?  She seems to know Hawthorne.”

“Yes, you’re right.  I have an idea.  Take her and Hawthorne’s belongings outside.”

Rangiku leaped across the room, grabbing first the belongings, and then taking the woman.  Once she took her outside, Toshiro took out Soul Society’s memory altering device.  As he flashed it near each person, he told them that Hawthorne was never in their class and there was no disturbance today.  He felt sick again when he neared the professor, but he flashed her, too.

“We don’t have gigais, taicho,” reminded Rangiku.

“I know, but I should be able to get her to talk.”

The woman looked terrified.  She didn’t know what had happened to her.

Toshiro took out Hawthorne’s notebook and a pen.  “Matsumoto, get out the translator program.  Show me how to write, ‘I am here to help you find Hawthorne.  Who is she?’”

Rangiku pushed the commands into what looked like a cell phone.  Moments later, the English translation appeared on screen.  Toshiro copied it on the paper, though it looked shaky.

The woman, still afraid, brightened at the mention of Hawthorne.

“I don’t know who or what you are, but that professor has always had it out for Sam.  That’s who you mean.  Her name is Samantha Hawthorne.  She goes by Sam, even told me I could call her that.  Wasn’t that sweet?  A famous writer like her.  I don’t know much about her personal life.  She wrote Kail the Knight while she still worked as a copy editor.  She got laid off, so I guess that’s why she’ll be a teacher now.  But I don’t think she will, not after the way Professor Mitchell treats her.  Please find her,” she asked.

Toshiro wrote down “Thanks” on the notebook and whisked the woman back in the classroom and altered her memory.  He returned in a flash, taking Sam’s belongings to the rooftop.  Rangiku followed him.

“Are we sure that Professor Mitchell is human?”

“She is,” he answered.  “But something isn’t right.”  He began looking through the notebook.  Class notes, he assumed.  He stopped when he saw a wallet-sized photograph.  Sam was smiling, her arm around a tall man.  He turned the picture over, “our last picture together” written on the back.  The wind caught the photo and blew it out of his hand.  Rangiku leapt after it.  Toshiro found more papers, labeled “Mitchell,” “Kenny,” and “Doctor Yachiru.”

He heard it.  The scream of a hollow.  No, several hollows.  “Matsumoto!”

“I heard them, taicho.”  She picked up the photograph.  They seem to be after Sam Hawthorne.  Tucking the photograph into her robe, she drew her zanpakuto.  We’ll have to figure this out when we return to Soul Society.


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