05: The Hollow and Kail

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Five: The Hollow and Kail



“You always put things off to the last minute,” Kenny scolded her.

“You know me, I have lots to do,” Sam replied.  She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and urged him on: “Go on.  I’m sure you and Doctor Yachiru are on the right track.  I know you’ll find the solution soon.  I have faith in you.”

“Even if you don’t know what I’m researching?”

She shook her head.  “Kenny, I trust you.  I don’t need to know what it’s for.  Whatever troubles come your way, you’ll make the decision that is right.”

She watched him walk out the front door, as she had done many times before.  Nothing seemed different this time, but she would one day know that today was the last time she would see him alive.

As he walked out of the door frame, a strange figure appeared behind him.  It was Hollow Ichigo, a man pale as bone with strange yellow eyes.  He held a pale white sword and wore a pale robe.  No, he had always been behind Kenny, just waiting for her at the door.



Hollow Ichigo stood there, eyeing Sam.  “Stop dwelling on the past.  There is no past here.”

Sam stood tall, unafraid of “falling down” as Ichigo once was.  “I don’t want to dream of the past.  It comes to me without will.”

Hollow Ichigo drew his zanpakuto and pointed its tip at her.  “There is always will.  You want to understand, so the dreams come to you.  You will them to come.”  He threw his sword and it landed planted in one of the windows of the building.  He walked up to her and stood close to her.  “Forget him, my one.  Forget him and think of me.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“You’ve always known me, as I have always known you.  I am Zangetsu, but you may call me Kail.   I will be your knight.”

He leaned into her, but she backed away.  “I saw Zangetsu, and you look nothing alike.  You act nothing alike.”

Why?” he asked, following her.  “Because he does not act on his emotions, but I do.  Dream of Kenny no more and have room in your heart only for me, Kail Zangetsu.  The Zangetsu you saw will train your body, but I will train your soul.”

“Back off!” she shouted.   Her words themselves pushed him backwards.

“Very good,” he laughed.  “Forgive me, my one, but I had to make sure you were ready.  I couldn’t shatter your soul.”  He walked back to his zanpakuto and held his arm out towards it.  “Take this sword.  It is called a zanpakuto.  It will prepare you for your fight with Zangetsu.”

He walked further away from her.  “Go on, we’ll talk later.”

She ran toward him, ignoring the zanpakuto.  “I don’t need your own sword to defeat you!”  She prepared an unarmed fighting stance and was ready to assault him when he jumped over to her and carried her to the top edge of the building, holding her over a section without windows.

“If you are not prepared to fight with me, then you will not survive in Soul Society.  Pick up the sword!”  He laid her down against a window, his hand clutched around her throat.  He summoned his zanpakuto with his other hand.  He removed his hand from her throat and pressed his zanpakuto to it.  “Swear to my name that you will fight.”

“I swear, Kail Zangetsu, that I will fight.  I will pick up your sword, your zanpakuto, and run you through if I have to.”



Sam remained limp in Zangetsu’s arms, but he knew of the battle going on within.  It would be the last time Sam and Hollow Ichigo would battle in Ichigo’s battlefield, the place of the sideways building.  Soon, Sam would develop a battlefield of her own, and Zangetsu did not care to see what it would look like, even though that was inevitable.  Hollow Ichigo had rushed things too much, enjoying his time apart from Ichigo recklessly.  Now he had made an enemy of Sam and perhaps even Zangetsu was her enemy, too.

He laid her in the recovery pool, holding the weight of her body so that her head remained above the water.  He did not want to think of Sam as despising him.  What had Hollow Ichigo said?  That he would not act on his emotions?  But wasn’t protecting Sam a result of those same emotions?

“Ai Zangetsu,” her voice floated to him.  “Ai Zangetsu . . . .” No, no, he must ignore his emotions.  Yes, once Hollow Ichigo and he were the same being, but now they were different.  They were both subordinates to Ichigo Kurosaki, the Substitute Soul Reaper who first received his powers from Rukia Kuchiki.

Hollow Ichigo appeared before him, watching intently as he mulled over his thoughts.  “I suppose your way will win her over first?”

Zangetsu said nothing.

“But remember that I am Kail first.  You and I were once Zangetsu, but now you are only Zangetsu and I am Kail Zangetsu.”

“You are reckless, Kail,” he said, first using Hollow Ichigo’s chosen name.  “Do you think her soul will change that quickly?  With all the tragedies in her life, do you think that you can replace all of her happy memories?”

“What happy memories does she have?” Kail demanded.  “Your turn.”


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