08: Knowledge of Fate

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Eight: Knowledge of Fate



The previous night, Yoruichi found herself plagued with strange dreams, those from a past life long ago.  She woke up beside Kisuke, only to find that he had already left.  Could he have felt her uneasiness?

In the basement of his shop, Kisuke Urahara worked through sword forms all familiar to him.  He reached out for the mind of his sword but found no reply.  Benihime, why are you silent?  Yoruichi had not slept well, and he thought he felt Benihime mourning.

How strange the twists of fate which brings and binds us together, he thought.

“Kisuke?” Yoruichi’s voice.  “Kisuke?”

Kisuke turned around to see her watching him.

“The same uneasiness is mine, too,” he said.

He walked up to him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

“Something in the past bothers me.  In a past long before our meeting in Soul Society.”

“Yes,” he acknowledged, feeling that in some past life, they had once been closer than they were now.

Then he felt it.  They both felt it.  The spiritual pressure of Rukia Kuchiki.

“Ichigo,” said Yoruichi.  “something’s wrong with him.”  The god of flash whisked her way towards Rukia.  Kisuke followed behind her.  They found Rukia in one of the main rooms of the shop.

With tears in her eyes, Rukia laid Ichigo’s soul form body in front of them.  His spiritual pressure fluctuated.

“Tessai!” Kisuke called.

“He has no zanpakuto,” Rukia said.  “It’s gone.”  She began to cry.  “He said it felt like someone stole part of his soul.”

Tessai arrived and began setting up a protection barrier before proceeding with any Kido.

“How can someone take his zanpakuto without him noticing?” Yoruichi asked.

“His hollow?” Kisuke guessed.  Taking Benihime, now in its cane form, he penetrated Tessai’s barrier and touched the end of it to Ichigo’s forehead.  Just as this would have forced the soul form out of the gigai, he would be able to force out part of the hollow.

“The hollow is gone,” he said, drawing back Benihime.



Zangetsu stood in front of her.  His sword remained pointed at her.  He swung it to his side.  Slowly, he moved through various forms, showing her first what she would soon experience.  Dashing to her side, he took her in his arms.

“Open your mind to me.  Let me become one with you.”

Soon, Sam moved through the forms as if she always knew them.  Zangetsu held her tight, as if leading a dance.  Through the dance, Sam saw bits of Zangetsu’s past life.  She saw him lead a beautiful princess around the dance floor.  His gaze was steady with a hint of sadness in them.  She felt the emotions of the princess.  She could feel her sadness.

“Today, he will give me to one of them,” the princess said.  “Today, I will no longer be with you.”

“You will always only belong to yourself, beloved.  No matter what your father decides, he can never stop my love for you.”

Zangetsu released her.  She exhaled, as if she had held her breath for a long time.  She looked up into his eyes.  He hid them behind his sunglasses.  Reaching up, Sam took off the glasses.  Zangetsu’s eyes widened, shocked.  With her other hand, she touched his cheek.  Looking into his eyes, she asked, “What are you hiding from me?”

Intertwining her arm with his, she reached for his sword.  Her hand wrapped around his.

“Zangetsu . . . .”

She leaned in closer to him, her mouth inches away from his.

“My love, Zangetsu . . . .”

“Sam . . . .” She heard Kenny’s voice.  “Can you believe it?  We’re almost married.  I never thought you would say yes.”

Sam stopped.  Tears streaked down her face.

“You always had someone else in mind.”

Sam unwrapped herself from Zangetsu.  She turned away from him, and his sunglasses faded away.

“I shouldn’t have pried,” Sam said.


Bleach: Cross: Another Shinigami
Part 1: White Princess Rebirth
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