06: My Love, Zangetsu

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Six: My Love, Zangetsu


“If something were to happen to me,” Kenny asked, “do you think we would meet again somewhere?”

“It depends on how strong our love is for each other.  If it is strong enough to defy Heaven, then reality itself will be rewritten for us.”



Sam Hawthorne awoke alone in the recovery pool.  She had many visions lately and wondered if she simply was lying in a hospital somewhere in a coma and this was how her brain dealt with her trauma.  Yes, maybe she should have died along with Kenny and this was her unfortunate survival, making up an absurd world where souls are reborn into a spirit world.  And a split personality whose darker half was determined to have her allegiance.

Allegiance to what?  What war could she fight anymore?  She could not get enough evidence on Professor Mitchell to have a lawyer indict her with conspiracy and murder one.  She was defeated.  Any way she looked at it, she lost.

“Don’t give up so easily,” Zangetsu said.  “This is only the beginning.”

She looked over at him.  He had been watching her for some time.

He pointed to a pile of clothes, a robe similar to his and a white sash.  “Please, change your clothes.  I must get rid of your human ones.”  He turned away, allowing her privacy.

“You say my human ones.  What am I now, Zangetsu?  Am I some dead soul looking for an afterlife?”

“No soul ever dies,” he replies.  “It lives on.  You are in Soul Society.  This is the place where souls must go before they are reincarnated into the world of the living, the human world.  There is no requirement for a human form here.  But since you came here with both your soul and your body, you must be well prepared.  If the shinigami find you, they will capture you, perhaps even kill you.

“I took clothes from a female shinigami then I enabled them to conceal your spiritual pressure.”

Sam walked over to the robe and examined it.  She found a flower emblem on it.  Beneath the robe was a simple uniform.

“It was taken from a member of the tenth division.  The two you saw before were the division’s taicho and fukutaicho.”

Captain and vice captain, somehow she understood the words.

She put on the uniform and the robe and tied the sash around her waist.

She walked over to Zangetsu and handed what remained of her human clothes.  Her glance caught on her wrist where she once wore her butterfly watch.  Instead of a watch, she wore a bracelet with a butterfly charm.

“It is a gift from Kail,” he responded to her unasked question.

“How is it you seem to hear my thoughts?” she asked.

“If you can believe in reincarnation, then I will say that we knew each other in a different life.  You are as logical now as you were then.”

“But that doesn’t explain . . . .”

“You will understand, in time.  For now, I must show you how to fight.”

As he reached out to take her human clothes, he touched the bracelet, the tangible reminder that this time, Kail had claimed her first.  Yet, just like before, he would argue that she was free and that she could be claimed by no one.

“My love,” her voice echoed in his ears from long ago, “My love, Zangetsu.”


Bleach: Cross: Another Shinigami
Part 1: White Princess Rebirth
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