03: Not Bad, For a Human

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Three: Not Bad, For a Human



When the light subsided, Sam saw the strange creatures fade away into ashes.  A great flood of relief washed over for her, and she grabbed Zangetsu’s right hand.  He felt comforting to her, though she knew there was something otherworldly about him.  He wrapped his fingers around hers, a gesture of reassurance.  She could hear her own breathing, in, out.  For what seemed like an eternity, that was all she heard.

A man and woman appeared where the creatures once were.  They wore black robes tied with white sashes.  The man also wore a cloak.  Between the two, he seemed the strangest to Sam.  He had spiky white hair that appeared natural for him—seemingly impossible for a boy so young.  They spoke quickly to each other in a language she did not understand.  She assumed they spoke Japanese, but she was not sure.  Whatever they had said, she did not have time to wonder about, because Zangetsu spirited her away, and the world disappeared before her.



Rukia did not want the kiss to end.  After all they had gone through together, she knew that she would not choose to exist without Ichigo by her side.  Before their war with Aizen, Ichigo would never allow himself appear so vulnerable to her.  He was her knight in every way and had saved her many times over.

Ichigo stiffened.  Rukia pulled away.

“What’s the matter, Ichigo?”

“I feel like someone stole part of my soul.”

Kon plopped down on Ichigo’s head and bent down to look into his eyes.  Ichigo did not toss him off.  Ichigo said nothing else.  Rukia reached for Kon and took the mod soul from the mouth of the lion plush and forced it down Ichigo’s throat.  Soul Ichigo huddled on the ground, in completed and utter fear of something.

“Where’s his zanpakuto?” Kon asked.

“I don’t know,” Rukia answered.  She looked worriedly at Ichigo.  He acted like his body would if he had no artificial soul.  “Something is definitely wrong.”

She heard Ichigo’s father coming up the stairs.

“You stay here, Kon,” she said.  “I’ll take him to Urahara’s.”

“Like that?” he asked.  “Won’t people get suspicious?”

Rukia took out the soul candy from her pocket and popped one in her mouth.  Rukia’s soul form bent down to Ichigo and picked him up.  The artificial soul in her body stayed with Kon.  “You might as well tell Isshin we’re dating.”

“Yeah, right,” Kon said.  “He finds your gigai in here, he’ll think we’re sleeping together.”

“Deal with it, Kon” she said sharply and jumped out the window.

What you don’t know is who Isshin really is.  If he ever thought *I* was sleeping with you while in Ichigo’s body, he’d pull me out and crush me.  Kon sat down on the bed.   I’m screwed, he’ll want to know what’s wrong with Ichigo.



Toshiro Histugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto arrived a little too late to subdue the hollows.  The hollows had already picked their target, a young human woman.  Toshiro noticed first that she looked right at the hollows.  Standing beside her was none other than Zangetsu, the embodiment of Ichigo Kurosaki’s zanpakuto.

“Not bad, for a human,” Toshiro said.

“Yes, but why is Zangetsu here?  I don’t feel Ichigo’s spiritual pressure.”

“Perhaps he committed Rukia’s same crime.  Let’s take her in to Soul Society.”

As they were about to close in, Zangetsu and the human vanished.

“There’s no body,” Toshiro said when they had left.  “Zangetsu took both her body and soul.”

“Are we sure it was really Zangetsu?  Maybe it was a hollow in disguise.”

Toshiro floated to the ground.  “Maybe, but she was really human.  Real Zangetsu or not, what did he want with her?”

Rangiku landed behind him.  “Let’s find out.  But first, we’ll have to alter some human memories.”



Sam felt like her lungs froze solid.  She could not feel her limbs or move.  She could only feel her resting against the cloak of whom she assumed was Zangetsu.

Hollow Ichigo knelt on the ground, his arms wrapped around Sam.  Her eyes were closed and no sound entered her ears.  Hollow Ichigo looked up at Zangetsu who stared down at him.  Although Zangetsu said nothing, it was clear to Hollow Ichigo that Zangetsu did not approve.

“You cannot stay in that form forever,” Zangetsu warned.  “Will you live off of her body?”

“Until I become King.”

Sam wheezed.

Hollow Ichigo held her tighter.

“Ichigo could not save Rukia alone.  Ichigo is weak.  But I will be King, and I will protect her.”

Hollow Ichigo held his fingers to Sam’s face and kissed her.  Color returned to her cheeks, and she realized she could hear again.  Hollow Ichigo faded into her body before she opened her eyes.

Zangetsu knelt down to her.

“I had a strange dream,” she said.

“Your dream will get stranger,” he said.

“All this is real?” she asked.


“But why me?  Who am I?”

Zangetsu helped her to her feet.  “You can ask questions and stay here, or you can fight.”

“I’ve always fought.  But I don’t know who to fight here.” “Come with me,” he said as he


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