16: Path Woven (Final Chapter)

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Sixteen: The Path Woven



Yoruichi knew she had not imagined the past few minutes.  She had seen her past.  No, not just a past, but an entire lifetime.  Whoever she had been in that life loved the ghostly woman who appeared.  The ghost looked like she cried at the sight of Yoruichi.

Tentatively, she reached her hand out to the reiatsu, slower than she had ever moved in her lifetime.  She wanted to feel what was there and to understand.  Yet she was afraid of what she may reveal to herself.

Kisuke reached out and grabbed her hand.  “You said not to touch it,” he said, gently pulling her back.  Her dream came back to her, her anger.  A few tears began to stream down her face.  She remembered her ghostly self pleading before Zangetsu.  Her body felt cold and numb.

Yoruichi leapt forward, away from Kisuke and towards Ichigo.  As she did, her arm brushed the dissipating reiatsu.  Memories flooded her mind, threatening to overwhelm her.  She practically collapsed on Ichigo’s chest, barely shaking him.

“Where is she?” she pleaded barely above a whisper.  “Where is she, Zangetsu?”

“Zangetsu?” Kisuke asked.  “You see him?”

Yoruichi screamed at Ichigo.  Louder and louder, she demanded, “Where is she?  Where is my daughter?”

Finally, she dropped to her knees.  She wailed in grief.

“Yoruichi.”  Kisuke came to comfort her.  “Calm down, what has gotten into you?  You don’t have a daughter.  You don’t even have a son.”

She sneered.  “Of course, you would say that Kisuke.  You sold her!  It’s your fault she died!”

She turned to Ichigo.  “And you.  You unfaithful -.  You condemned her to die!

Kisuke heard of this.  Though not necessarily common, people could recall their past lives.  Sure, Kisuke and Yoruichi had an intimate relationship, but they never had children.  He didn’t know if Yoruichi wanted children, but he did his part to make sure she hadn’t got pregnant.

Then he heard her words.  Yoruichi’s daughter.  Without spelling it out, he knew who the father was.  He, Kisuke, had sold her.  His own daughter.

Was it possible the child was hanging around as some sort of hollow never before discovered?

And why call Ichigo unfaithful?

Unfaithful.  Oh, no.  Fate must be screwing with him.

“Kisuke,” he heard Yoruichi’s voice from years ago, “you know what we are doing.  It may be rare, but it’s possible I’ll get pregnant.”

“I don’t want to get saddled down by that.  You know that by now.”

A look passed across her face, one he could not place.

“I’ll take care of it,” he promised.

She was less enthusiastic that night, but eventually everything returned to normal.

He no longer had to wonder if she had wanted a child or not.   The grief for this child – the one she knew, and he did not – spoke loud enough.

Ichigo reached for Yoruichi.  “Mother don’t worry.  I’ll find her.  I will bring my princess home.  My love, this lifetime I won’t let you down.  And I’ll find our daughter.”


To be Continued in
Bleach: Across the Dimensions:
Another Shinigami Part 2: The Rebirth


Author’s Note:
Crown Prince Ichigo speaks at the end.
He calls Yoruichi his mother, though she is technically his mother-in-law.


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