09: Remembering An Old Prayer

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Nine: Remembering An Old Prayer



Zangetsu heard Kail in his mind.  Strange, now, since Kail was inside Sam.  “It’s not working, old master.  She can’t choose.  The past life or a life she’s already lost.”



Zangetsu found himself face-to-face with Kail.  Sam was nowhere in sight.  So, even he had an inner battlefield of the mind.  He focused on Kail.  He was in his hollow form, but gradually, he gained flesh and looked almost duplicate to Ichigo, except for the white hair.

The battlefield of Zangetsu’s mind spun around him.  The surroundings changed to that of long ago.  He looked up to see Kail arguing with his father.  Although Zangetsu could not yet see the father in his mind, he still remembered him.



“I am blessed by the god Hyorinmaru!” Kail declared.  “Then I deserve to marry her.  Let me take the princess as my wife.  Who are you to stand in the way of a god?”

“I am the Emperor of Heaven,” Kail’s father said.  “No god dictates my ways.  You are the younger brother.  Be happy you have a choice in who you will marry.”

“I have made my choice,” Kail said.  “Let me have the princess!”

“That is a choice you cannot make.  Your brother is the crown prince and will be the emperor after me.  The power the princess possesses must remain with the main royal line.”

Kail ran his fingers through his snow-white hair, both the only difference he bore in appearance to his brother and what he believed to be his blessing.  Though forbidden, he offered a quick prayer to Hyorinmaru, in hopes that the princess would marry him instead of his brother.

His father walked away, eager to resume preparations for his older son’s wedding.  Only Zangetsu remained.

“My prince,” said Zangetsu.  “Perhaps Hyorinmaru’s blessing to you is not to marry the princess, but to set her free.”

“Free?” Kail asked, a sneer crossing his face as he turned to Zangetsu.  “I am the one who is trapped.”

“You are not alone.  She stands to lose everything.  Her family has all but sold her to your father and to his will.  She has no one.  Will you not be her friend when she needs one of those more than a husband?”

“I can save her from my brother.  She could marry me.”

“She could.  But have you stopped to ask if that was what she wanted?”

“You’re too philosophical, old man.  You’ll never be married with that attitude of yours.”

Bitter words, Zangetsu thought.  Yet I am the one who should be angrier.

“The only way she could ever be free is to be dead.  That’s the only way any of us here will be, those of us shackled with immortality.”

“You should be careful with your words.  Hyorinmaru may become angry.”



The past world faded away and only Zangetsu and Kail remained, the flesh faded from his body.

“Do you still think Hyorinmaru would be angry?  I forsook my entire lineage for her.  I think he may have given both of us another chance.”

“It is no coincidence that Hyorinmaru has appeared when she has.  I think Hyorinmaru may have someone else in mind for her.”

“That little reaper?” Kail objected.  “He hasn’t even grown up yet.”

“If Hitsugaya is truly in tune with Hyorinmaru, then he will take up the mantle of protecting her.  We cannot stay here forever.  How long can we stay apart from Ichigo?”

“Now that I am in her body, I could care less even if Ichigo died.  I will be with her forever.”

“Are you truly with her now, or just watching on the sidelines?”

“Zangetsu. . . .” another voice intruded.  “Zangetsu!” the voice became louder.



Zangetsu opened his eyes, staring into the face of the princess from long ago.

She wrapped her arms around him, and he remembered that now she was different.  “Please forgive me.  I don’t care about the past life,” she said.  “Just don’t leave me again.”

“Leave you?”

She sat back and looked into his eyes. “I don’t know what happened to you.  I thought you were going to fade away.”

As she embraced him again, he realized that his time with her grew thinner.  He was only a zanpakuto now, after all.  Regardless of the past life, he would have to return to Ichigo.  With or without Kail.

Kail looked on from inside Sam.  He suppressed the jealousy that welled up in him.  Now Zangetsu was the horse, and Ichigo was the master.  Kail never wanted to return.  Though he had not done so in a long time, he offered up a prayer to Hyorinmaru.  “God Hyorinmaru, you’d better change Hitsugaya for the better.  Zangetsu cannot stay much longer.  If anything happens to me, then swear to me your little reaper will take care of her.  I won’t bury her again, not so long as I live.”


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