04: Splitting Self

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Four: Splitting Self



As Sam took Zangetsu’s hand, she felt herself drift away into a faraway dream.  It seemed as if it was of her life, yet it was not.  She could feel herself reliving a memory that was very real to her, but one she did not remember ever having.

A man offered his hand to her and bowed his head—how bold he was, asking her to dance.  She took his offered hand and allowed him to lead her onto the dance floor.  The moon itself shown within her, and many became dazzled by the moonlight radiating from her white dress.  Yet she could only see her partner, a rugged man tempered in the heat of battle, a loyal servant to the King and Crown Prince.  In his arms, she could forget her station and her duties.  This world existed only for them.  Her mind drifted away to the music, until it abruptly stopped.

She looked away from her partner and into the cold eyes of a royal prince.  Although he was dressed in the finest of royal clothes and colors, his stark white hair made him appear otherworldly and was the first thing that distinguished him from his twin brother.  The white-haired prince extended his hand to her, and her partner quickly bowed and left them.

Sam released Zangetsu’s hand.  Her hand became cold and sweaty.  Although the image had left her, she still saw the white-haired prince in her mind.  Zangetsu stopped and came back to her.  Putting his hand to her forehead, he talked to her in a steady voice.  “You are with me now.  You have no reason to be troubled.”

She swallowed hard.

“Come back to me,” he entreated.  “Take my hand.”  He held his hand out to her and bowed his head in respect.  She took it, and they continued in silence for a little while.



Zangetsu stood at one end of the building, eying Hollow Ichigo at the other.  “Why did you do it?” he asked Hollow Ichigo.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he asked.  “To make her remember.”

“It was long ago,” he countered, “she has no need to remember it.”

“With all that has happened to her, she had no need to know?”

“She has her own life now, someone else she loved and has now lost.  We must return her back to the human world as soon as possible.”

Hollow Ichigo walked towards him, his sword out and ready to fight.  “Then why haven’t you?  Do you wish to return her to her world of torment and misery?  The world in which she is alone?  Be a good knight, Zangetsu, and return your lady to her home.”

Hollow Ichigo stopped his advance.  The two stood in silence.  Hollow Ichigo spoke again, “But you can’t.  You can’t do it, can you?”



Zangetsu brought Sam to the place Yoruichi called him forth and Ichigo learned bankai.  For the first time in a long while, Zangetsu let go of her hand.  He walked about twenty paces from her and stopped, never once letting her out of his sight.  He drew his sword, the same one he offered to Sam in the human world.

“You will have to fight if you wish to live,” he said.

A feel of dread passed over her, but she did not let it remain on her.  She readied her fighting stance and prepared herself to fight him unarmed.

Zangetsu tossed his sword aside and ran at her.

Sam ran for him and jumped to her side before one of his blows could land.  He kicked at her, but she crossed her arms and blocked it.  She wrenched her body to the side and tossed his leg over, causing him to lose his balance.  He began to fall but caught her arm and pulled her down with him.  As she crashed down on top of him, she saw directly into his eyes and into a past she did not know.  The recognition she saw in him frightened her.

He took her hesitation to his advantage and flipped her over, now pinning himself on top of her.  Before she had a chance to react, a foreign anger welled up inside of her.  He eyes flashed red and with the voice of Hollow Ichigo she said, “Get off!”  She blasted Zangetsu away from her.  He landed several feet away from her.  She stood, her eyes still red.  “Know your place, Zangetsu.”  She held her hand out to Zangetsu’s sword and it flew into her grip.  She prepared to strike him.

Zangetsu stood to his feet and grabbed her arm.  “Enough,” he said, pulling out the consciousness of Hollow Ichigo.  Sam fell forward, and Zangetsu caught her.


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