15: White Princess Rebirth

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Another Shinigami Part 1
White Princess Rebirth

By Eugena

Chapter Fifteen: White Princess Rebirth



For once in a long time, Sam felt safe and no longer alone.  Sure, it seemed like an insane dream she wished never to accept, but somehow, she had made it this far.  She was human but no longer human.  She was loved.  She was loved for who she once was and now for all time.

But all things end.  The very fact she was here evidenced that.  “I can’t be her,” she said at last to Kail.  “That life was so long ago.  I have lost my will to live.  I have only revenge.  For—for….”

Her voice trailed off.  She should say “revenge for Kenny,” but that was not how she felt.  She wanted revenge for herself.  Ichigo and the others of the royal family were her murderers.  She could feel her blood leave her body again.  She died alone.  For them.  And yet she died with the thought of a child in her arms.  A child that was hers that she never knew.

“I sent Zangetsu back.”

“I know, hime-sama,” he said.  When he looked at her then, she no longer heard “princess” in her head.

Her words turned to seething.  “I sent Zangetsu back to the crown prince.

Kail gasped at her grasp of the language, her words fluctuating between English and Japanese.  Sam was truly possessed by a vengeful spirit, her own, one rightfully seeking revenge.

“I want my child.  I want my life.  I want a life of my own!”  Her voice finally rose to a scream and with it her reiatsu flared.

Although he was holding her, Kail knelt to her.  “I swear, Shinnouhi….”

“I don’t want promises, prince.  I want actions.  The words of the royal family are empty.”

“As you wish, Shinnouhi.”  He leaned in and kissed her.



Senna’s purple hair swayed in a rare breeze.  The breeze reminded her of her many other lives and one in particular as she looked down to the hilt of her zanpakuto.  Her eyes skirted past the patch emblem on her arm which indicated her position in the Shinnouhi Royal Guard.  She was the taicho of the one guard who seemed to function in name only.

As every king before him, the current soul king was bound in a blood debt to the Shinnouhi, Shirayukihime no Tenjou.  One betrayal many generations ago had brought death to the royal realm and a near endless cycle of repentance.  Shinnouhi had appeared before, but only to meet death.  And the punishment upon the royal family grew harsher each time.

The current king had only one child and would have no other.  But it would be some time before this child, if ever, had a child of his own.  For the child of the king was none other than one who held a closer place in the blood debt tie than the king himself.

Senna took her thoughts away from the crown prince and remembered her duties.  Her soul called to the soul of the Shinnouhi, as it had every day since she had been born.  As she looked to the heavens, she wondered if her calls would ever be answered.

A sudden flash of reiatsu knocked her to her knees.  With a quick glance behind her, she could see the other soldiers were more paralyzed than her.  She felt her entire body wish to shake apart.  Remembering all she knew of the Shinnouhi, she rose with purpose and ran for the Inner Temple.  It was what remained as the Temple of the Element God Hyorinmaru, and she knew the crown prince would be there.



The reiatsu flash threatened to cripple the shinigami and Orihime.  Yoruichi no longer felt the ghost’s grasp on her.  Slowly, she turned her head to Ichigo and Orihime.  Orihime had been knocked aside by the blast.

Standing in place of the woman was the spirit of Zangetsu, Ichigo’s zanpakuto.  He seemed in mourning.  The ghost Yoruichi was standing in front of him, pleading.  Yoruichi could hear the ghost.

“Where is she?  Where is she?”

But Zangetsu said nothing to the ghost.

Yoruichi fell forward but caught herself.  She ran towards Zangetsu.  He looked at her briefly then to Ichigo.  He stretched his arm out to Ichigo then faded.

Kisuke remained silent.  There was no doubt in his mind that the ghost Yoruichi was somehow the same as the Yoruichi he had known for over 100 years.  What bothered him more was the silence of his blade.  Benihime became silent before the woman appeared, and she had said nothing now.  She briefly reached to the ghost Yoruichi before she faded but Kisuke could not hear Benihime’s thoughts then.

Tessai extended his hands to Orihime, healing her as he quickly performed a kido.  He bent down to Ichigo and examined the fading reiatsu in the air.  The power of it disturbed him.  “Kouten,” he repeated.  Kisuke flinched.  “Kouten.  What does it mean?”

“It seemed powerful enough to be a bankai,” Yoruichi said at last.  She could see other images in her mind, memories of the encounter.  If she could put words to them, perhaps she would have some answers.

Ichigo began to move.  Slowly, he extended his fingers into the air as if trying to grasp the fading reiatsu.  “Love.”  The only one of his words that could be heard.  “My love, where are you?”

Kisuke looked to Rukia who was unconscious.  No, he had not imagined it.  Ichigo had reached for the reiatsu and not towards her.

Orihime began to stand.  She extended her hands to Ichigo, but Tessai placed his hands on hers.  “She needs you more,” he said, gesturing to Rukia.  Orihime did not move.  She seemed determined.

“Don’t touch that reiatsu,” Yoruichi warned her.


Mini Dictionary
Shirahime: White Princess
Hime (-sama): Princess
Shinnouhi: Imperial Princess
Shirayukihime no Tenjou: Snow White Princess of the Heavens
(The actual translation may be backwards, but for Cross, this is the translation.)


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