Zero Division *

Zero division members reside in the royal realm and are charged with protecting and carrying out orders from the royal family.


Shinigami Promotions

It is possible for shinigami to ascend to zero division, though perhaps not easy. Kenpachi Zaraki refers to this in Shiro Shattered.

Sou Taicho Yamamoto turned down an opportunity to join zero division (mentioned in Fifth Division in the Red).

Appearances in Soul Society

During the King’s Seal arc, Senna of the Shinnouhi Royal Guard, Crown Prince Shiroyuki’s personal guard and an unnamed subdivision appeared.

Following the King’s Seal arc, a group of zero division members kidnapped Shirahime from Soul Society. For this reason, most shinigami of Soul Society consider zero division – aside from Shirahime’s personal guards – as enemies. Crown Prince Shiroyuki admits that even some of his own guard wishes his wife harm in King’s Seal, but it is unknown if he meant his personal guard, or he considered all of zero division in his statement as he is the next Soul King.

Notable Appearances List

SubdivisionMember(s)Story or Arc
Shinnouhi Royal GuardSennaWhite Princess Rebirth
Crown Prince’s GuardVariousArc: King’s Seal
Shinnouhi Royal GuardSennaArc: King’s Seal
Unnamed subdivision that protected the OinVariousArc: King’s Seal
Unspecified subdivision or members that kidnapped ShirahimeVariousPost After DiamondDust
Shinnouhi Royal GuardVariousFifth Division in the Red
Shinnouhi Royal GuardVariousArc: The Zanpakuto Uprising

Versus Bleach Canon

Zero division in canon are not the villains of Cross. The royal family of Cross is much different from canon.