Merrik’s Allies

Contains Spoilers for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing:

Merrik’s closest ally is Her Ladyship, ruler of Rikan. Before he can be reunited with her in The Anointing, Her Ladyship leaves Rikan to pursue answers to mysteries of the past.

Merrik’s Second-in-Commands are Cle’an and John. Cle’an was once the servant of Prince Zaedrif, Sword Master of Nemea. Cle’an leaves Nemea on the Sword Master Prince’s order to protect one of his people and later becomes Merrik’s ally and friend. John’s role becomes central when Cle’an leaves on an errand for Merrik.

In Rikan, Merrik finds allies in his childhood friend, Casseya; kind Miriam; the mysterious Merris; and a group of warriors known as The Four.