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With the exception of iUniverse’s The Age of Merrik: The Anointing related media, all original character artwork is commissioned work that is property of Eugena Moulton and should not be redistributed without express authorization of Eugena Moulton.


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Artist Information Below:
(Additional Edits to the Original Files by Eugena Moulton)

The Age of Merrik Related

Eleya and Merrik

Artist: Zen

Additional Characters
(Areya, Eleya (Crown Version), Jonas, Liana, Oroco, and Zaedrif)

Artist: Tayseer

Shirahime (Further Tales of God Princess / Across the Dimensions)

Shirahime and Lanhua (Lafiel)

Artist: Hamza

Additional Characters
(Shirahime (Wings Version), Kosetsu, Daichi, Raiko, Shinjiro, Evergreen Princess, and Sierra)

Artist: Tayseer

Other Works

Fox Emperor Family

Artist: Ieshah

Preview Image:


Artist: Hamza

Meili and Qinglong

Artist: Hamza

Xuě Nǚshén (雪女神) & Jiàngxuě (降雪)

Artist: Max (Bifors)

iUniverse’s The Age of Merrik: The Anointing Media

Merrik Emotes

Emotes based on Merrik Moulton. Original Version Art by Julia.

Mascots Preview Images:

Bai Xue, Yichen, and Hao Yu (Original Version Art by Rahma (@lightshine799))

Xue Mei, Bai Xue’s younger sister (Original Version Art by Surya Dexter (@suryadexter))

Mingyue with Xiaodan (Original Version Art by Gakuruyu)