SPOILERS Q & A for The Age of Merrik

This Q & A page will contain spoilers for the first book, The Age of Merrik: The Anointing. Return to the general Age of Merrik Q & A page.

Beyond The Anointing:

AOM SPOILERS Q & A #1: What happens to Brianna?

She has begun to pay for her betrayal through her own shame. I have not planned to have her in Rise of the New Masters, but she may appear.

AOM SPOILERS Q & A #2: Is there a real Lianis?

Lianis in The Anointing wasn’t real enough? (Just kidding.) Yes, more information on this character will be revealed in future novels.

AOM SPOILERS Q & A #3: Do Merrik and Eleya get married in Rise of the New Masters?

Whether they get married or are just engaged–you’ll have to read the book.

AOM SPOILERS Q & A #4: Is Zsastar (The General) in Rise of the New Masters?

Yes, but he is not the only antagonist. Be prepared for King Malik, his generals, and a surprising new enemy.

AOM SPOILERS Q & A #5: What is Dark Desires About?

Taking place between the prologue and chapter one of The Anointing, this is the story of the Sword Masters Eleya and Zaedrif and a dangerous quest for an advantage over the forces of Sethane.