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Welcome to my new website for my Fanfiction Collective, formerly Hyorinmaru Fanfiction Collective, and Musings Reviews. These websites will be merged together into this one.

I will be importing my fanworks here. I will be listing them in order of the date first written. The fanwork was originally written on or before the date listed. Please see the Disclaimers. Listings will have disclaimers, but in the event an error occurs, and it does not show up, the Disclaimers page will list the disclaimers by fandom.

Please check out the pages on this website for more information on the fanworks, including behind-the-scenes notes.

Comments have been disabled for all sites on my domain, EMoulton dot com. I hope to shield my readers from unnecessary harassment from certain person(s) who have in the past given me unwanted attention. I do not wish to detract from a reader’s enjoyment of the fanworks by giving those aforementioned persons an opportunity to harrass someone other than myself.

To those of you included in that description, I know who you are. That means it does not matter WHAT name or alias you are going by. You have not fooled me. I will take appropriate actions should your unwanted attention and other activities continue further.

I sincerely apologize to my readers and fans for the great inconvenience that these others – who are beyond my control – have caused.

Feedback, including reviews, can be made to me directly via email (see Contact page) or via one of the authorized posted sites. They are my stories listed in:

Entries will include a link to these archives via the abbreviations listed above.

I will be revising and updating the format of these fanworks. For now, the full text of the fanwork will be accessible at FanFiction dot Net only.

These fanworks are not for profit. The author hopes that they will further fans’ enjoyment of the original cannon work.

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