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Eugena’s Top Works of 2023 on AO3

All Bleach: Across the Dimensions Stories
  1. Fifth Division in the Red I [MA/Explicit Version]
  2. White Princess Rebirth
  3. Fifth Division in the Red I (Rated M Version)
  4. Princess of Memory [MA/Explicit Version]
  5. Soul of Shirahime [MA/Explicit Version]
  6. Blush
  7. Toshiro’s Journey I: The Prayer
  8. Princess on Vacation I
  9. Soul of Shirahime (Rated M Version)
  10. The Reincarnation [MA/Explicit Version]

Eugena’s Top Works on FFN

As the FFN statistics pages no longer work properly, the FFN stats listed are now overall and not by year or month.
  1. Late (Bleach)
  2. Brave (Red River / Anatolia Story)
  3. White Princess Rebirth (Bleach – Across the Dimensions (Cross) Universe)
  4. Beloved (Doctor Who & Related Fandoms)
  5. Farewell, My Love (Doctor Who & Related Fandoms)
  6. Petals and Thorns I: Dance of the Roses (Doctor Who & Related Fandoms)
  7. The Road You’re On (Doctor Who & Related Fandoms)
  8. Saving Rukia Arc (Bleach)
  9. A Different Path (Dune)
  10. Petals and Thorns II: Better than Mickey (Doctor Who & Related Fandoms)

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