Merrik’s Enemies

Contains Spoilers for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing:

Merrik’s father died at the hands of General Zsastar during the Battle of Shattered Sky. Eight years later, Zsastar returns to finish off the survivors of Tyera and Rikan by claiming Tyera as his own.

His closest local ally was Brianna, who is engaged to Merrik. When Zsastar offers her some of his influence, she greedily imagines that she will be by his side as he rules the world. Her dreams will never be realized, as Zsastar desires to create his own Serafín to rule the world and fulfill his quest for revenge.

Brianna’s closest allies–also Merrik’s enemies–are Valoren and Jonas. Valoren is a “dark Cle’an” who shares the name of one of King Malik’s generals. Jonas is Brianna’s infatuated friend from her childhood.

The screenplay adaptation of The Age of Merrik features new scenes wherein Jonas has a change of heart and helps save Eleya from Brianna and Zsastar. Although this does not directly appear in The Anointing, it will be discussed in Rise of the New Masters.