The Serafín

The Serafín is the god-being of The Age of Merrik & The Sword Masters universe. The Serafín is the creator of all. Sword Masters are almost super-human thanks to their powers The Serafín gifted to them.

The name “The Serafín” makes The Serafín appear to be a multiple being. There is, in fact, only one Serafín, whom the Sword Masters call Lord Serafina.

The Serafín is a non-gendered being, as it does not need to reproduce. Gender is a function of reproduction. Being the god of the universe, The Serafín can create anything The Serafín wishes, and does not need to reproduce. The name of The Serafín, Lord Serafina, contains traditionally both male and female context. This negates the gender connotation.

A SPOILER Plot in The Anointing:

Zsastar, Son of Malik, believes he can create a Serafín and wishes to use Eleya for that means.